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Ahmed R. Abul’Wafa

Electric Power and Machines, Cairo

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    Novel Loss-Voltage Sensitivity Factor for Capacitor Placement in Radial Distribution System Using Analytical Approach
    Author(s): Ahmed R. Abul’WafaAhmed R. Abul’Wafa

    An analytical technique is proposed for allocation of shunt capacitor bank in radial distribution system. The objective is formulated to determine the size, number and location of capacitor bank for real and reactive power loss reduction, voltage profile enhancement and annual cost saving. A novel Loss-Voltage Sensitivity Factor (LVSF), has been incorporated in the technique. The value of LVSF decides the candidate bus location. The achievability of the proposed method (PM) has been demonstrated on IEEE-69 bus test system allowing comparing results with latest optimization techniques in literature. Further application of PM on 130 bus relatively large distribution system shows the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed technique. Capacitors allocated (size and location) during light loading condition simulation are forced as fixed capacitors in nominal and heavy loading simulati.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0796.1000213

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