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Adebayo AA


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    An Overview of Methods of Reduction of Vibration for Diesel Generators
    Author(s): Adeoye OS, Adebayo AA, Olofinjana A and Tafa AKAdeoye OS, Adebayo AA, Olofinjana A and Tafa AK

    Mechanoelectrical devices will always vibrate because of several moving parts incorporated within them. When they are in operation, these machines usually have oscillatory motions around an equilibrium point. For generating sets, vibration is from the engines to the metal frame because vibration travels through mediums. Accelerometers are used to measure vibration when mounted on the generator frame where the vibratory motion is been converted into electrical signal with the use of piezoelectric accelerometer. The versatile uses of electronics make it easy to measure and analyse electrical signal. The accelerometers usually mounted perpendicular and concentric to the shaft of the rotating engine in the vertical and horizontal position. Mechanical vibrations are present in different degrees. Some vibrations are desirable, they perform useful work. Vibration is generated intentionally i.. Read More»

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