Journal of Electrical & Electronic Systems

ISSN: 2332-0796

Open Access

Design of Three-Dimensional Missile Guidance Law via Sliding Mode with Saturation Constraint


Amir Torabi, Amin Adine Ahari, Ali Karsaz

The three-dimensional missile guidance law with saturating actuator is proposed for the pursuit of an unpredictably maneuvering target. The proposed guidance law achieves a satisfactorily robust performance without having to solve a complicated nonlinear Hamilton-Jacobi Partial Differential Inequality (HJPDI). In the proposed guidance scheme, the nonlinear part of the relative motion equations between the missile and target is first cancelled. Then, a tunable sliding mode law is designed to eliminate the effect of external disturbance. The proposed guidance law can achieve reduced interception time than others, yet it is considerably simpler. An example is proposed to confirm it.


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