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Volume 10, Issue 3 (2021)

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    Spotting of Reckless Driving on Highways in India

    Show Yan

    In India, a large portion of the mishaps on parkways happen because of rash driving. The traffic populace has expanded significantly in India as there is no way to control or screen the speed of vehicles running on streets. This framework demonstrates profoundly viable in discovery of over speed driving. It isn't at all important that such mishaps are consequences of driving affected by liquor as even an individual who hasn't devoured liquor can drive in a careless way. The benefit of our proposed over speed driving notice framework is that it will come convenient for the roadway traffic police as it won't just furnish an advanced showcase as per a vehicle's speed however will likewise stable an alert if the vehicle surpasses the admissible speed for the expressway. The proposed framework will keep an eye on rash driving by figuring the speed of a vehicle utilizing the time taken to go between the two set focuses at a fixed distance. A set point comprises of a couple of sensors containing an IR transmitter and an IR collector, every one of which are introduced on either roadsides.

    Volume 10, Issue 4 (2021)

      Short Communication Pages: 1 - 2

      A Model to Predict Winner in Election

      Rameal Arenas

      In numerous genuine applications, there is regularly a requirement for a bunch of specialists to concur upon a typical choice despite the fact that they may have various inclinations over the accessible possibility to browse. A characteristic methodology utilized in these circumstances is casting a ballot. Some noticeable instances of the utilization of casting a ballot rules with regards to multi agent frameworks incorporate collective sifting customized item determination and so forth in a common democratic situation, we have a bunch of votes every one of which is a finished positioning over a bunch of up-and-comers. We additionally have a capacity considered democratic guideline that takes as info a bunch of votes and yields a competitor as the champ. A bunch of votes over a bunch of competitors alongside a democratic standard is called a political race and the victor is known as the result of the political race.

      Editorials Pages: 1 - 2

      Determining the Quality of Air in Living Room

      Myaing Mann*

      DOI: 10.37421/2090-4886.2021.10.e120

      Indoor air contamination (IAP) is a main natural danger firmly identified with the wellbeing, solace, and prosperity of building tenants. As individuals invest 90% of their energy inside, rehashed openness to indoor air contaminations influences individuals' functioning exhibition and efficiency levels. It has been accounted for as a possible reason behind the deficiency of USD 20 to 200 billion every year due to a 0.5 to 5% decline in work environment usefulness. The effect of IAP can be up to multiple times higher as contrasted and open air contamination levels. This is on the grounds that shut spaces advance the development of possible toxins with significantly higher effectiveness than open spaces.

      Volume 10, Issue 6 (2021)

        Short Communication Pages: 1 - 2

        More Attention to the Cybersecurity of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

        Chih-Wei Chang*

        In the case of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) who was forced to shut down several factories after revealing is being attacked by a malware in August 2018. The incident caused attention on the security of smart manufacturing industry whilst in the past, management issue of cybersecurity for Operational Technology (OT) were rarely discussed. As such if we are unable to provide good defense for information security among sensor networks and OT environment, the development of smart application system and industry 4.0 will be potentially precarious.

        Mini Review Article Pages: 1 - 4

        Unity Gain and Variable Gain OTA Buffer Amplifier with Resistive Load Using Multi-Gate Transistors

        Remya Jayachandran* and Rama S Komaragiri

        Analog buffer amplifier using reconfigurable FET and gate-all around FET devices are demonstrated to analyze the feasibility of using multi-gate device in analog circuits. In this paper, a unity gain OTA buffer and a simple configuration for a variable gain OTA buffer amplifier are presented. The gain can be varied without changing any other circuit parameters, thus making the configuration more flexible compared to the existing buffer amplifier designs.

        Short Communication Pages: 1 - 2

        Role of Biosensor to Identify the Loss of Bone Strength

        Arban Naidan*

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        Opinion Article Pages: 1 - 2

        Power Attack is Really Danger to Information Bunk

        Rossy Sumari*

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        Short Communication Pages: 1 - 2

        Digital Learning: A New Normal Education System

        Rithy Rainse*

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        Volume 10, Issue 7 (2021)

          Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

          Involvement of Robotics with Food Industry

          Litty Appiah*

          Advancement in different innovative areas during the most recent twenty years has changed 'fiction' robots. Advanced mechanics lies in the classification of modern robotization. Squeezing requests of upgraded usefulness have required sending of a robot to mechanize undertakings. Today, robots are considered a vital piece of business. Truly, the number of modern robots pursued expanding direction with the last year establishing another business record. Previously, in food industry robot was only utilized for packing of chocolate, dairy product and food cans. In 1998, the dispatch of the Flex Picker robot upset the food business as it is the world's quickest pick and spot robot.

          Review Article Pages: 1 - 4

          Function-As-A-Service Acceleration for IoT Applications on Hybrid Cloud

          Michael Zhang*, Chandra Krintz and Rich Wolski

          Serverless computing is an emerging event-driven programming model that accelerates the development and deployment of scalable web services on cloud computing systems. Though widely integrated with the public cloud, serverless computing use is nascent for edge-based, IoT deployments. In this work, we present STOIC (Serverless Tele Operable Hybrid Cloud), an IoT application deployment and offloading system that extends the serverless model in three ways. First, STOIC adopts a dynamic feedback control mechanism to precisely predict latency and dispatch workloads uniformly across edge and cloud systems using a distributed serverless framework. Second, STOIC leverages hardware acceleration (e.g. GPU resources) for serverless function execution when available from the underlying cloud system. Third, STOIC can be configured in multiple ways to overcome deployment variability associated with public cloud use. We overview the design and implementation of STOIC and empirically evaluate it using real-world machine learning applications and multi-tier IoT deployments (edge and cloud). Specifically, we show that STOIC can be used for training image processing workloads (for object recognition) – once thought too resource-intensive for edge deployments. We find that STOIC reduces overall execution time (response latency) and achieves placement accuracy that ranges from 92% to 97%.

          Mini Review Pages: 1 - 5

          Emerging Technologies, Innovation, and Volatility: A Mini-Review

          Laura Arenas* and Anna María Gil-Lafuente

          It is widely asserted that emerging technologies, innovation, and technological disruption lead to increased volatility among stock markets. At first glance, this might appear contradictory since, by definition, novel developments, information technology for example, should surely help to make firm-specific information available on a timelier basis. Starting from the economic theory that defines innovation as long-term, in the light of financial markets shortening investment time horizons to optimize returns and empirical evidence, this article reviews current research on the interplay between emerging technologies, innovation, and volatility. Since risk is commonly used as a proxy for uncertainty, and innovation is an example of true uncertainty, we explore emerging technologies and innovation in the context of return and volatility. We observe that idiosyncratic risk and, indeed, overall risk have increased as a result of emerging technologies. The main drivers of risk in the aforesaid inter play are the use of more complex methods to calculate the fundamental value of assets, over-enthusiasm with regard to innovation fuelling over-expectations that are nourished by herding behavior, asymmetric information and the world economy shifting towards one that is driven by intangible assets. Additionally, some properties of emerging technology and innovation can be defined as diffusive, persistent, heterogeneous, and momentum-oriented, which brings us back to the historical implications of technology bubbles.

          Opinion Pages: 1 - 1

          Smart Home Automation with the Help of IoT

          Fline Moco

          Internet of Things (IoT) is quite possibly the most forthcoming technology which can be utilized for leading and controlling any item by interfacing it to the internet. IoT can be used in different application of automation. Automation is the most common way of working or controlling different applications or things with less or no human interference. Depending upon application automation can be classified as home automation, industrial automation, vehicle automation, etc. The intricacy of life has fundamentally decreased with the progression in computerization innovation. On a regular basis manual systems are being replaced by automatic system. Internet has now become everyone’s part of life. IoT is the most recent arising web technology.

          Commentary Pages: 1 - 2

          Smart Robot to Aid our Household Work

          Delsy Bahar

          Smart homes guarantee practical, safe, and agreeable home activities, including exceptionally bright capacities and adaptability. Lately, with the improvement of advanced mechanics innovation, an ever-increasing number of robots are utilized in smart homes and become smart home assistance robots. A domestic robot is a kind of administration robot, a self-sufficient robot that is principally utilized for family task, yet may likewise be utilized for schooling, diversion, or treatment. While most domestic robots are short sighted, some are associated with Wi-Fi home organizations or keen conditions and are self-governing to a serious level. As of now, the elements of home assistance robots are not great, and home help robot frameworks that can freely finish selfruling reviews and home administrations are as yet inadequate.

          Data Privacy & Security (2021)

            Research Pages: 1 - 4

            Transmission Channels and Noise Models for Wireless Sensor Networks and Blind Equalization

            Tetsuya Shimamura

            Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a self-organized distributed communication network, composed by a number of geographically separated, autonomous and low-cost sensor nodes with limited power and processing capability, which are cooperating with each other to connect and process data from the surrounding through wireless communication. To fulfill a common task, WSN cooperates through the wireless transmission medium. In recent years, WSN has attracted research interest because of its employment on land, underground, underwater and top of mountain, which is very wide. However, there are still obstacles to be more extensively employed. In this work, it is emphasized that blind equalization should be proactively utilized to develop WSNs furthermore. A method based on finding the easiest sensor location is derived and its performance is demonstrated in a comparative fashion.

            Research Pages: 1 - 3

            Efficient Microstrip Rectangular Slotted UWB Monopole Antennas with Etched Ground Plane for Wireless LAN and Similar Applications

            Pillalamarri Laxman, Anuj Jain

            As we are stepping into 5G communication era, it is impossible to imagine a consumer device like cellular phones, laptops etc, without wireless functionality or internet connectivity .This is making every electronic company to looking forward to the enormous possibility of micro strip patch antennas and their potential as they are compact, mass produce-able, low profile and light weight. In the current article, a printed monopole and proven its exhaustive simulation results covering broad band techniques and these results matching UWB frequency band from 3.10GHz to 10.56Ghz.As we are stepping into 5G communication era, it is impossible to imagine a consumer device like cellular phones, laptops etc, without wireless functionality or internet connectivity .This is making every electronic company to looking forward to the enormous possibility of micro strip patch antennas and their potential as they are compact, mass produce-able, low profile and light weight. In the current article, a printed monopole and proven its exhaustive simulation results covering broad band techniques and these results matching UWB frequency band from 3.10GHz to 10.56Ghz.

            Research Pages: 1 - 5

            A VANET Protection Survey: Issues, Threats and Solutions

            Abhishek Gupta

            Vehicle Ad-hoc Network (VANET) is a non-infrastructure system. It provides improvements in safety technologies and makes driving easier. The network helps vehicles to share their data for traffic analysis and security purposes. With the development of modern technology and smart cities worldwide, the VANET sector has expanded. VANET provides a self-aware framework that can greatly impact on improving traffic related services and reducing accidents in the road. The information shared in this network is time-limited which requires a well-built and fast network connection. VANET, due to its wireless ad-hoc nature, fulfils this requirement, albeit with security concerns. The most dynamic connections of this network, sensitive information sharing and time sensitivity make it an attractive area for aggressors This study describes the literature survey on VANET with the main focus on security issues and the challenges coupled with it. VANET, architecture, security fundamentals, attack types, and characteristics of probable attacks on VANET are discussed in this paper.

            Rapid Communication Pages: 1 - 2

            Future of Data Storage- DNA Data Storage

            Anchal Bhamore

            We as humans are producing a lot more data than we can store today. If we want to put a dent on a problem, we need a radical solution to it. Each miniature in 2018, Google conducted 3.88 million looks, and individuals observed 4.33 million recordings on YouTube, sent 159,362,760 e-mails, tweeted 473,000 times and posted 49,000 photographs on Instagram, agreeing to program company Domo. By 2020 an assessed 1.7 megabytes of information will be made per moment per individual all-inclusive, which deciphers to around 418 zettabytes in a single year (418 billion one-terabyte difficult drive’s worth of data), expecting a world populace of 7.8 billion. The attractive or optical data-storage frameworks that right now hold this volume of zeros and ones ordinarily cannot last for more than a century. Additionally, running information centers need huge amount of energy. In brief, we are almost to have a genuine data-storage issue that will as it were ended up more serious over time Now imagine storing chunks of data in the size of jellybean weighing about three grams which means in three grams of DNA we can pack 600 million gigabytes of data.

            Review Pages: 1 - 5

            Performance Analysis of FSO Channels with Various Modulation Technique over Atmospheric Turbulences

            Neha Rani

            As free space optics (FSO) is unguided transmission media which is also named as optical wireless communication (OWC) and FSO links are operating near Infrared (IR) bands. And are widely used media to transmit information or signal as it provided wide range of bandwidth with effective modulation schemes. Free space optics works on line-of-sight (LOS) which leads to some major issues for transmitting signal at long range of distance due to weather changes, atmospheric disturbances, multi-storey buildings, etc. Over long ranges, received signal quality degraded due to random fluctuation during transmission. FSO provide high speed data rate transmission between transmitter and receiver over several kilometres of distance. Along with these applications it also provides different quantum key distribution protocols to provide secure transmission over the space.

            Volume 10, Issue 2 (2021)

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