International Journal of Sensor Networks and Data Communications

ISSN: 2090-4886

Open Access

A VANET Protection Survey: Issues, Threats and Solutions


Abhishek Gupta

Vehicle Ad-hoc Network (VANET) is a non-infrastructure system. It provides improvements in safety technologies and makes driving easier. The network helps vehicles to share their data for traffic analysis and security purposes. With the development of modern technology and smart cities worldwide, the VANET sector has expanded. VANET provides a self-aware framework that can greatly impact on improving traffic related services and reducing accidents in the road. The information shared in this network is time-limited which requires a well-built and fast network connection. VANET, due to its wireless ad-hoc nature, fulfils this requirement, albeit with security concerns. The most dynamic connections of this network, sensitive information sharing and time sensitivity make it an attractive area for aggressors This study describes the literature survey on VANET with the main focus on security issues and the challenges coupled with it. VANET, architecture, security fundamentals, attack types, and characteristics of probable attacks on VANET are discussed in this paper.


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