Circumareolar augmentation mastopexy

Journal of Cosmetology & Trichology

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Circumareolar augmentation mastopexy

12th International Conference and Exhibition on Cosmetic Dermatology and Hair Care

November 28-30, 2016 San Antonio, USA

Sergey Prokudin

Rostov State Medical University, Russia

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Abstract :

The presentation is about the experience of using breast circumareolar augmentation mastopexy for correction of ptosis of the breast. In the theoretical and practical process; research revealed the following advantages of the method: The lack of any scars except around the areola, aesthetically circumareolar area is the most advantageous, because in this area there are sharp transitions dark areola/light skin, usually tissue of the areola above the level of the skin, all of these characteristics are premontane in the formation of a scar, regardless of its color or relief; specific approach, including the use of implants, various forms of detachment of the breast tissue their subsequent movement and fixation, method of wound closure round block allows correcting virtually any degree of breast ptosis, accurately predict the result suspenders; an important advantage is more easy and short postoperative period compared with other methods of lifting the breast. It is also necessary to note the small number of complications, the bulk of which were compensated. All of the above advantages of the method allow us to recommend it for use in everyday practice.

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