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Volume 6, Issue 1 (2020)

    Editorial Note Pages: 1 - 2

    Efficacy and Safety of L-Cystine Associated or not to a Natural Keratin (Kera-Diet®) Hydrolysate on Hair and Nails: Randomised, PlaceboControlled, Clinical Trial on Healthy Females

    Vincenzo Nobile

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    The acute Telogen Effluvium (aTE) and the Brittle Nail Syndrome (BNS) are two medical conditions affecting both males and females. A dietary approach based on aminoacids and/or on protein hydrolysate could be a safe and effective approach in reducing hair loss during acute telogen effluvium and in improving brittle nails conditions. 

    Research Article Pages: 1 - 9

    Vacuum Therapy in Association with Plant Active Compounds, Prebiotics and Probiotics for Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia, Female Pattern Hair Loss and Telogen Effluvium

    Airton Toffanello, João Paulo Correia Gomes and Carla Aparecida Pedriali Moraes*

    The aim of this work was to develop and test an alternative hair loss treatment using vacuum therapy in association with cosmetic emulsions containing plant-based active compounds, prebiotics, probiotics and growth factors, inducing remission of androgenetic alopecia, female pattern hair loss and telogen effluvium alongside their associated symptoms.

    Review Pages: 1 - 9

    Natural and Organic Cosmetics: Definition and Concepts

    Cleber Barros and Rosana Bevenuto Guilhen

    The market of natural and organic cosmetics has been growing in last decades. The increase in interest in this type of product is a consequence of the concern that consumers have been presenting in relation to the environment and health. In addition to the appreciation the use of sustainable ingredients in cosmetic formulations, the consumers are also concerned about pollution caused by the use of plastics, which leads industries to reinvent themselves and rethink about the composition of packaging. The factor that most drives the purchase of natural and organic cosmetics are the fact that the consumer, in addition to contributing to the preservation of the environment, is also using a sustainable product. The growing demand for natural and organic cosmetics results in a concern of the brands with the organic issue, with the decreased use of animal derived ingredients and with the updating the parameters required for certification of a cosmetic as natural or organic. Due to the few studies available in this area, the importance of clarifying the definitions and concepts of natural and organic cosmetics is evident, in order to contribute with accurate information for the cosmetic sector.

    Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

    Note on Journal of Cosmetology & Trichology

    Jeffrey C.H. Donovan

    I am happy to disclose that Journal of Journal of Cosmetology & Trichology is an open access scientific journal and that gave me chance to bring forward the achievements of the journal in the year 2019. We published quite a lot of papers in the year 2019, in 2019 these discoveries were new. The ISSN of JCTT is 2471-9323 and publisher of JICTT is Hilaris publisher

    Volume 5, Issue 2 (2019)

      Review Article Pages: 0 - 0

      Update of Treatment Options in Atopic Dermatitis A Narrative Review

      Neela Patel, Jay Modha, Avanita solanki, Jigna Barot and Bina Modi

      Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease characterized by pruritus, inflammatory skin lesions.  It causes severe impairment of quality of life along with the impairment of physical well of the patient. The management of AD has been always challenging due to its chronic and recurrent course with periods of remission. As the medical science progresses many modalities of treatment have been introduced, beginning from bathing methodology, topical and systemic. This study tries to give a narrative review of the different management options, which clinical dermatologists can use for the management of atopic dermatitis. These options needs to be evaluated and matched according to the age, sex and severity of atopic dermatitis.

      Research Article Pages: 1 - 1

      Forward and Reverse Absorption Model for EGCG, Proof for Efficacy of Anagen Grow

      Aruna V, Amruthavalli GV, Gayathri R

      The present study reports the selective dermal absorption of Epi Gallo Catechin 3 Gallate (EGCG) than the mucosal absorption. If the absorption of EGCG is not properly achieved the therapeutic benefits that are expected out of EGCG are not likely to occur. Green tea is promoted with the proven therapeutic benefit i.e., alpha reductase inhibition. Anagen grow has been formulated after establishing the forward and reverse absorption of EGCG and other herbal actives and thus the formulation is effective for hair growth and retarding alopecia. Details are presented in the article.

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