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Important citations

Graves KY, Smith BJ, Nuccio BC (2018) Alopecia due to high androgen index contraceptives. J Ame Acad of Pas 31: 20-4.

Garre A, Piquero J, Trullas C, Martinez G (2018) Efficacy and Safety of a New Topical Hair Loss-Lotion Containing Oleanolic Acid, Apigenin, Biotinyl Tripeptide-1, Diaminopyrimidine Oxide, Adenosine, Biotin and Ginkgo biloba in Patients with Androgenetic Alopecia and Telogen effluvium: A Six-month Open-Label Prospective Clinical Study. J Cosmo Trichol 4: 2.

Khattab FM, Bessar H (2019) Accelerated hair growth by combining thread monofilament and minoxidil in female androgenetic alopecia. J Cos Dermatol.

Nemane ST, Bhusnure OG, Gholve SB, Mitakari PR, Karwa PN (2019) A Review on Finasteride: A 5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitors, its Mechanism, Facts and Benefits. J Dr Del  Ther 30: 1132-6.

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Bharti J, Sonthalia S, Patil P, Dhurat R (2017) Scalp threading with polydioxanone monofilament threads: a novel, effective and safe modality for hair restoration. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatol and Venereology 31: 492-3.

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