Food Microbiology Conference 2020

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Young Research Forum - (2021) Volume 7, Issue 6

Food Microbiology Conference 2020

Catherine Nettles Cutter
1Penn state college of Agriculture science, USA

Received: 02-Jun-2021 Published: 14-Jun-2021

Young Researchers Forum

Prestigious Award for Young Researchs at Food Microbiology Conference 2020 - Discovering New Exploration in Agri, Food & Aqua field:

Agri, Food & Aqua Conference Committee is glad to announce 5th International Conference on Food Microbiology and Food Market August 24 - 25, 2020 in Vancouv er, Canada by focus on the theme: Accentuating New Adv ances in Food Market for Healthy liv ing

CPD Accredited

Agri, Food & Aqua Food Microbiology Conference 2020 dev elopments are maintaining their momentum. Agri, Food & Aqua Conference program delv es into strategic discussions.

Food Microbiology Conference 2020 Young Scientist Awards:

Agri, Food & Aqua Conference Committee is intended to honour prestigious aw ard for talented Young researchers, scientists, Young Inv estigators, Post- Graduate students, Post-doctoral fellows, Trainees, Junior faculty in recognition of their outstanding contribution tow ards the conference theme. The Young Scientist Awards make ev ery effort in prov iding a strong professional dev elopment opportunity for early career academicians by meeting ex perts to ex change and share their ex periences on all aspects of Agri, Food & Aqua.

Young Researchs Awards at Food Microbiology Conference 2020 for the Nomination: Young Researcher Forum - Outstanding Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate thesis work Presentation, only 25 presentations acceptable at the Food Microbiology Conference 2020 y oung research forum.

Guidelines for Young Researchers Forum: Benefits:

• Young Scientist Award recongination certificate and memento to the winners.

• Our conferences prov ide best Platform for y our research through oral presentations.

• Learn about career improvement with all the latest technologies by networking.

• Young Scientists will get appropriate and timely information by this Forum.

• Platform for collaboration among y oung researchers for better dev elopment.

• Prov ide an opportunity for research interaction and established senior inv estigators across the globe in the field.

• Share the ideas with both eminent researchers and mentors.

• Its a great priv ilege for y oung researchers to learn about the research areas for ex panding their research know ledge


1. Young Inv estigators, Post-Graduate students, Post-doctoral fellows, Trainees, Junior faculty with a minimum of 5 y ears of research ex perience.

2. Presentation must be into scientific sessions of the conference.

3. Each Young Researcher / Young Scientist can submit only one paper (as first author or co-author).

4. Age limit-Under 35y rs

5. All submissions must be in English.

Food Microbiology Conference 2020 prov ides best platform to ex pand y our network, where y ou can meet scientists, authorities and CROs from around the world. Its y our time to grab the opportunity to join Food Microbiology Conference 2020 for promoting y our research article and to facilitate prestigious aw ard in all categories. In this fame, we look forw ard for y our contribution and astonishing dedication to make our Food Microbiology Conference 2020 more successful.

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