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The whole set of DNA in an organism is called a genome. Almost every cell in the body contains a complete copy of approximately 3 billion base pairs of DNA or letters that make up the human genome. With its four-letter language, DNA contains the information needed to build the human body. A gene usually refers to the area of a DNA that contains instructions for making a specific protein or set of proteins. Each of the 20,000-25,000 genes stimulated in the human genome codes for an average of three proteins. Genomics is essentially a combination of recombinant DNA, DNA sequencing and bioinformatic methods for sequencer, assembler and analyser of the structure and function of genomes. It differs from classical genetics in that it considers the complete complement of the hereditary material of an organism, rather than a gene or a genetic product at the same time. In addition, genomics focuses on the interactions between loci and alleles within the genome and other interactions such as epistasis, pleiotropy and heterosis.

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