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Molecular Biology: Open Access

ISSN: 2168-9547

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Application of MB

There are many applications of molecular biology and the five five key areas of current technology includes: 1) Restriction Enzymes, 2) DNA hybridization, 3) Rapid DNA sequencing, 4) Genetic Engineering and Expression cloning, 5) Polymerase Chain Reaction. Restriction enzymes identify and cleave foreign DNA lacking characteristic host DNA methylation patterns. Clinically, the restriction endonucleases are indispensable for rapid and accurate detection of the mutant alleles underlying various genetic diseases. DNA sequencing is important where amino acid sequences of many clinically important proteins have been deduced directly from cDNA sequences. Genetic engineering and expression cloning helps in mixing and matching the regulatory and functional regions of DNA from different organisms. PCR helps in rapid amplification of specific region from a heterogeneous sample of DNA with using molecular cloning methods.

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