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Child Marriages

Child wedding is outlined as a wedding of a lady or boy before the age of eighteen and refers to each formal marriages and informal unions during which kids below the age of eighteen stand a partner as if married. kid wedding affects each ladies and boys, however it affects ladies disproportionately, particularly in South Asia.South Asia has the best rates of kid wedding within the world. nearly (45%) of all girls aged 20-24 years rumored being married before the age of eighteen. nearly one in 5 ladies (17%) ar married before the age of fifteen. Child wedding is that the results of the interaction of economic and social forces. In communities wherever the observe is prevailing, marrying a woman as a toddler is a component of a cluster of social norms and attitudes that mirror the low worth accorded to the human rights of women.UNICEF’s approach to ending kid wedding in South Asia recognises the complicated nature of the matter, and also the socio-cultural and structural factors underpinning the observe.

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