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Volume 8, Issue 3 (2020)

    Editorial Note Pages: 1 - 2

    Editorial Note for Special Issue: COVID - 19 Impact on Human Body & community

    Archana Mourupoju

    Without all continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. Founded in 2013, Journal of General Practice (ISSN: 2329-9126) is growing continuously. As we all know COVID-19 pandemic compasses over the globe, it is critical to comprehend the transmission and the impact of the infection which has made it a pandemic. COVID-19 has a place with the coronavirus family, which likewise incorporates the SARS infection (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Symptoms) infection. The group of Coronavirus incorporates infection strains that cause the regular cold and influenza. 

    Editorial Note Pages: 1 - 2

    Editorial Note for Regular Issue: Journal of General Practice

    Archana Mourupoju

    Journal of General Practice is a Peer-reviewed medical journal that includes a wide range of fields in its discipline to create a platform for the authors to make their contributions towards the journal. The editorial office promises a thorough peer review of the submitted manuscripts to ensure quality. This Scientific journal covers the following topics broadly such as General practice, Diagnosis, Primary health care, Surgery, Anesthesiology, Family medicine, General practitioner, Mental health, Child care, Immunology, Infectious diseases, Women’s health, Psychology and Neuroscience, Bowel diseases, Clinical pharmacy, Health systems, Pain, Public health and inflammation, Nursing and healthcare. In this issue some of the recent and impactful research articles that were published by the journal will be discussed. 

    Research Pages: 1 - 3

    Patient Satisfaction in kuwait's Primary Healthcare Centers

    Hendi B, Hunaidi M, Duwaisan H, Khaja A*

    Objective: To compare the level of patient's satisfaction between family healthcare centers and general practitioner healthcare centers throughout the 5 governates of Kuwait.
    Method:  A questionnaire was issued, available in both Arabic and English depending on the patients’ preference, between 12/3/2013 and 17/4/2013 throughout the five governates of Kuwait. The patient was asked to complete an online form, via the iPad, through which his satisfaction was rated for each question from 1-5, the higher the score the higher level of satisfaction.  A sample of 476patients, 265 subjects from general practitioner health centers and 211 subjects from family medicine health centers.
    Results: The overall level of patient satisfaction in general practitioner health centers was 82.5 whilst at family medicine healthcare centers the overall level of satisfaction was 82.1.  Female subjects represented 52% of the total sample collected at family medicine health care centers and the majority of patients were between 31-50 years of age, representing 49% of the sample. The majority of subjects were graduates with a bachelor’s degree, representing 42% of the sample.  However, the great majority attending general practitioner healthcare centers were Males, representing 67%.  The majority of the subjects were undergraduates, representing 42% of the overall sample. The great majority of subjects were Kuwaiti nationals representing general practitioner and family medicine health care centers 94% and 90% respectively. General practitioner healthcare center subject's age, educational qualification and nationalities were not significantly related to the overall level of satisfaction as overall the levels of satisfaction were equally high between the various groups.  On the other the older patients, above 50, and undergraduates were more satisfied with family medicine healthcare centers. 
    Conclusion: Patient satisfaction is regarded as an outcome of care itself and one of the major contributions towards better patient compliance leading presumably to better clinical outcomes.

    Research Pages: 1 - 1

    Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Hand Washing among Health Workers in Jugel Hospital Harar, East Ethiopia 2019

    Gosasye Teklehaymanot Zewde

    Background: Hand washing is the rubbing together of all surfaces and cleaning of the hands using a soap or chemical and water. Effective hand hygiene involves the removal of visible soiling and the reduction of microbial colonization of the skin. Nosocomial infections due to poor hand hygiene are a major cause of increasing morbidity, mortality, and health care costs among hospitalized patients worldwide. Therefore Proper open hand washing practice is simple and an important method to prevent it However, about 50% of health care associated infections occur due to hand of health care providers Even though few institution based studies were conducted in Ethiopia regarding hand washing knowledge, altitude and practice among health care workers there is no sufficient information in our study area Therefore this study will try to fill the information gaps and used as a reference data for other researcher
    Objectives: To assess Knowledge, Attitude and hand washing practice of health workers in Jugel Hospital Harar, East Ethiopia in 2019.
    Method: Institutional based cross-sectional study was employed on 125 health profession. Structured questionnaires was used for data collection, participant were sleeted by simple random sampling techniques. Training was given for A data collectors and supervisor as well as Pretest and double data entry was made to assure quality of data. Collected data were entered to SPSS version 22.0 for analysis. And result were presented in tables, bar graphs, pie charts.
    Result: In these study the overall prevalence of good knowledge were 61% . Among the study the participant 58.4% had positive attitude while 74.4% participant had good practice regarding hand hygiene
    Conclusion and Recommendation: Over all KAP of health profession toward hand hygiene is moderate, therefore provision of training, and enhancing hand washing tradition need to be stablishe.

    Research Pages: 1 - 5

    Profiling the Pathway of the Dizzy Patient in the Emergency Department from the Triage and Onwards

    Kalliopi Gkatzoudi, Irini Gergianaki, Ioanna Tsiligianni, Dionisios Klonaris and Emmanuel Prokopakis*

    Background: Dizziness is a common complaint among patients seeking medical assistance in the Emergency Departments (EDs). Although its aetiology is usually benign, patients often follow a complex pathway with health service and resource overuse.  Aims of this study were to describe the symptoms and characteristics of such subjects and gain an overall impression of their management by ED physicians. 

    Methods: Our study was performed in the University Hospital of Heraklion, Crete, Greece. We retrospectively collected demographic, clinical and co-morbidity data of patients visiting the ED complaining of dizziness during a 3-month period. These were evaluated initially by general practitioners (GPs) in the triage and then referred to other specialists, if needed. 

    Results: In total, 408 self-referred patients visited the triage of the ED complaining of dizziness. The most common accompanying symptoms of dizziness were vertigo, headache, fatigue, nausea and imbalance. Relevant concomitant chronic diseases included hypertension, coronary artery disease and diabetes mellitus. After the initial triage, most patients were referred to an internist or an otorhinolaryngologist, or remained in the triage for further work up. 

    Conclusion: Our study underlines the difficulty to diagnose and refer cases with dizziness faced by triage GPs in the ED. There is a great variability of symptoms accompanying dizziness and GPs face the challenge to discharge or refer to specialists for further examination. An educational need for GPs and the devise of simple but efficient diagnostic algorithms have emerged as unmet needs.

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