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Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care and Family Medicine

The Busy General Practitioner Practitioner’s Reference Guide to Increasing Physical Activity Levels in the British Population and Associated Benefits/Risks: A Review of the Literature

Primary Health Care: An Overview

Diphtheric Myocarditis: A Resurgence in Urban Bangalore, India

Congenital Muscular Torticollis: An Overview

The Choice of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Device Matters: Differences between Three Commercial Monitors Used in Finnish General Practice

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Behaviors of African American Sexual Minority Women

Obesitas Surgery Can Cure More than Obesitas Alone. Contact Can Change a World

The Impact of Provider Continuity Care on Quality of Care of Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Family Medicine Clinic Of UCTH, Calabar, Nigeria

What’s New in the Updated European Definition of General Practice/ Family Medicine?

Non-Invasive Ventilation in the Treatment of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders: Concise Clinical Review

Prescription of Drugs to be Administered through Feeding Tubes in a Brazilian Hospital: Profile and Qualification

Improving Quality of Care in Older Adults with Multi-Morbidity: The Need for a Shift towards Individualised Patient-Centred Goals

Empowering Persons with Disabilities to Reduce Poverty: A Case Study of Action on Disability and Development, Ghana

VA Hospital Cardiac Electronic Clinical Guideline Reminder Outcomes

The Adoption of Computers by Australian General Practice – A Complex Adaptive Systems Analysis

Laparoscopic Repair of a Computed Tomography-Detected Diaphragmatic Stab Wound

Value of Graduated Compression Stockings in Prevention of Venous Majeed H1* and Szypryt EP2Thromboembolism after Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

Common Pitfalls When Reporting General Practice/Family Medicine Research: Simple Recommendations to Prevent Them

Clinical Approach to Skin Eruption and Measles: A Mini Review

Drop Metastasis Seeding the Intramedullary Conus Medullaris in a Patient with Breast Cancer and Brain Metastasis

Ventricular Tachycardia in a Patient with Repaired Tetralogy of Fallot

Assessing the Ability to Make a Will in Primary Care

Lung Age Bio-feedback Using a Portable Lung Age Meter with Brief Advice During Routine Consultations Promote Smoking Cessation – Know2quit Multicenter Randomized Control Trial

Use of a Novel Stool Scoring System for Assessing Bowel Habits and Laxatives use Amongst Older People-A Pilot Study in Kingston, Ontario

Bladder Injury during Cesarean Section

Views on Leadership and Competence among Formal Leaders in Care of Older Adults: Differences Over Time

Ultra-adherence with Electronic Pills-box may Reveal Poor Adherence

Postoperative Pain in Lichtenstein Repair with Iliohypogastric Neurectomy Compared to Standard Lichtenstein Repair, for Inguinal Hernias at Mulago Hospital, A Sub Saharan Africa Tertiary Centre

Kikuch’s Disease in a Young Female – a Case Report

What is the Potential for False Positive Results in Ankle Brachial Index Measurements Performed by Emergency Providers?

HRT with Cardiovascular and Breast Cancer Risk Reduction

Endoscopic Extraction of an Anchored Chest/Mediastinal Tube

The General Practitioner and Children of Separated Parents in Belgium: A Qualitative Study and its Implications

Using a Yellow Card in the Objective Structured Clinical Exam: Does it Add to the Identification of Problem Postgraduate Trainees in General Practice: An Exploratory Study to Identify High Risk Trainees

The Consultation in Primary Care: Physician Attributes that Influence Patients Satisfaction in Calabar, Nigeria

The Transformation of Society towards Ethical Ideal Surrounding Medical Data and Information

Dynamic Comparison of Physicians Interaction Style with Electronic Health Records in Primary Care Settings

Knowledge and Practice of Adolescent Females about Menstruation in Baghdad

Asymptomatic Ischemic Heart Disease in a 45-year-old Male Athlete: A Case Report

Rethinking the Art of Medicine: Why ‘Healing’ is No Longer Sufficient

Using an Automated Data-driven, EHR-Embedded Program for Mailing FIT kits: Lessons from the STOP CRC Pilot Study

Precordial T wave Inversions on Electrocardiogram

Mental Health Engagement Network: Innovating Community-Based Mental Healthcare

Musculoskeletal Conditions and Minority Ethnic Groups: Making Senseand Sensibility of Healthcare in a Global Environment

Practical Management of Stroke Prevention in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation and Renal Impairment Receiving Newer Oral Anticoagulants:Focus on Rivaroxaban

The Influence of Macroeconomic Variables on Health Indices, Murder and Mortality: A Case of Jamaica

Why it Remains Difficult for Remote Cardiologist to Obtain the Locus of Control for Ambulatory Health Care Conditions Such as Congestive Heart Failure?

Linking Primary Care to the Community: A Study of Pediatric Practices in Florida

Echocardiographic Abnormalities in Patients with HIV Infection at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Ghana

A Case of Slowly Progressive Purulent Pericarditis in Elderly Healthy Woman

Prevalence and Risk Factors of Abuse against Married Women in Eastern Saudi Arabia

Mortality and Inflation: A 21-Year Analysis of Data on Jamaica

Do we Achieve the Targets for Diabetic Patients; Deep Looks to Primary Care Practice

Androgenic-Anabolic Steroid (Boldenone) Abuse as a Cause of Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Potts Puffy Tumor: A New Complication of HIV

The Ascending Aorta Pseudoaneurysm with Myocardium Rupture Complicated with Prosthetic Valve Infective Endocarditis after Aortic Valve Replacement

The Prognositic Significance of Serial Renal Function Measurements in Chronic Heart Failure

The Baby Bio Bank-A Legacy for Researchers Worldwide into Common Complications of Pregnancy

End-tidal CO2 Should not be a Parameter for Ventilatory Adjustment during Low Cardiac Output States Like Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

Mondor’s Disease of the Chest Wall- A Forgotten Cause of Chest Pain: Clinical Approach and Treatment

Effective Health Delivery

Tuberculous Endocarditis Complicated with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A Case Report

Hemodynamic Consequences of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy with Midventricular Obstruction: Apical Aneurysm and Thrombus Formation

Postpartum Emotional Psychopathological Outcomes

Primary Care Provider Evaluation of Cancer Survivorship Care Plans Developed for Patients in their Practice

Pain Control After Cesarean Birth – What are the Options?

Cutaneous Inhaler Burn

Prevention of Breast Cancer Could Be a Consequence of Pregnancy: A Review

Assessing the Efficiency of the Diabetic Heart at Subcellular, Tissue and Organ Level

Influence of Migration Status and Gender on Awareness of Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Cardiovascular Health in a Group of Turkish Immigrants and Indigenous Austrians

Is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease a Risk Factor for Osteoporosis A Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Analysis

4Newer Diagnostic Methods in Clostridium difficile Infection

Therapy after Myocardial Infarction

General Practitioners’ willingness to Pay for Continuing Medical Education in a Fee-for-service Universal Coverage Health Care System

The Potential Cost-Effectiveness of Pharmacist Delivered Brief Intervention for Alcohol Misuse

Pressure Ulcers in the Elderly, as a Public Health Problem

Translating Knowledge about Parental Mental Illness to the Field of Practice

Family Physicians without a Defined Target Population in Sri Lanka

A Review Related to Midwifery Led Model of Care

Gender Differences in Coping Strategies for Troublesome Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Prior to Seeking Treatment

The potential of eHealth Apps to Support Targeted Complex Health Messages

Promastigote Existence in Infected Lesions of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Vasospasm or Myocarditis: Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Plays a Decisive Role

Pain Management Therapy: The Benefits of Compounded Transdermal Pain Medication

The Postprandial Effects of a Moderately High-Fat Meal on Lipid Profiles and Vascular Inflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease Patients: A Pilot Study

A Regional Experience on Providing Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health for Most-at-Risk Adolescents and Young People

Rehabilitation Services in Saudi Arabia: An Overview of its Current Structure and Future Challenges

A Review of Computational Tools for Designing Drugs Used by General Practitioners

Medicinal Plants in Pregnancy and Lactation: Perception of the Health Risk and Practical Educational Group in Araraquara, Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Cardiovascular Manifestations of Hyperglycemia: A Review Article

“Bisphosphonates: Possible Modes of Action and Implications for Dental Implant Treatment. A Review of the Literature”

An Angled Stick Colonic Irrigation Device for the Bowel Management Programs in Patients with Impaired Bowel Function

Practical Guide to the New Oral Anticoagulants

Treating Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan: A State Needs Assessment of Civilian Physicians in Internal and Family Medicine

POCT-assisted Diagnosis for Acute Coronary Syndrome, Heart Failure and Venous Thromboembolism in Primary Care: A Longitudinal Analysis

Multiple Personality Disorder: Am I Physician or Son?

An Evidence-based Analysis of the 'BRENDA Approach': Psychosocial Interventions for Dependent Alcohol Drinkers

Plasmapheresis should be Considered in Addition to Standard Therapy in Patients with Familial Chylomicronemia Syndrome

Updated Management of Clostridium difficile Infections in Post-Acute Care Settings

Correlation between P Wave Dispersion, QRS Duration and QT Dispersion in Hospital Events in Cases of Acute Coronary Syndrome

Management of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and Peripheral Artery Disease in the General Practice

Topical Negative Pressure Therapy and Interactive Dressings in Prevention of Wound Infections in High-Risk Orthopaedic Patients

Simvastatin-Induced Pleuro-Pericardial Effusion and Megaloblastic Anemia

Let s Know about Community Based Health Care (CBHC) in Afghanistan

Patient Centered Primary Care (PCPC): An Overview

Loss of Only Child Family in China: Psychological Effect

Efficacy and Safety of Slowly Infused Propofol Sedation in Pediatric Oncology Procedures

Implementing an Institutional Objective Simulated Handoff Evaluation (OSHE) for Assessing Resident Handoff Skill

Changing Pattern of Causes of Death in Elderly An Appraisal

Impact of Metabolic Syndrome on the Quality of Life of Menopausal Women

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Associated Factors in Ethiopian University Medical Students

Hidradenitis Suppurativa in General Practice: A Pilot Study

Formulation and Evaluation of Acyclovir Orodispersible Tablets Using Sublimation Method

The Broader Implications of Early Cord Clamping at Birth.

A Rare Presentation of Primary Sjogrens Syndrome

Ophthalmic Presentation of Onchocerca Nodules in a Nigerian Community

Non-medical Remedies and Medication Adherence: A Neglected Aspect of Healthcare Delivery

Health Posts in Afghanistan

Aspergilloma in Active Tuberculosis: A Case Report

Safe Marriage for Thalassaemia Prevention; the Need for Public Health Education

An Unusual Presentation of Pancreatic Cancer

The Clinical Challenge of Opioid-induced Constipation: Insights from the Opioid-induced Constipation Clinical Audit

Do Not Attempt Completion of Pointless Records Or DNACPR

Quality Of Life And Life Satisfaction Of Displaced Persons Living In Tokyo, Japan -The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident

Synthetic Cannabinoids and Dysphonia: A Case Report

Fistula in Ano - Recent Advances in Management

The S-Word is Taboo: Shame is Invisible in Modern Societies

What are the Career Plans of GP Trainees and Newly Qualified General Practitioners in the UK? A National Online Survey

Mucopolysaccharidosis Type 111: A Case Report

Empathy for Patient Centeredness and Patient Empowerment

Nurse Practitioners are Taking on an Increasing Role in General Practice. Is this a Good Idea

Tolosa Hunt Syndrome: Increased Severity on Second Attack

Efficacy, Safety, and Patient Satisfaction with a Combined Acne Treatment Regimen for the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris in Adolescent Student Athletes

Factors Affecting Juvenile Delinquency in Bahrain

Spirometry Nose Clip in the Primary Care Setting

Pain Assessment: A Relevant Concern to Increase Quality of Life in People with Intellectual Disabilities

Immature Ovarian Teratoma in a 21 Year Old Woman: A Case Report and Review of the Literature.

Patients Perspectives: Understanding of Medical Prescription

A Typical Penetrating Ocular Trauma Case Report

Who Gets Injured When: An Overview on Chronic Injuries in Sport Climbing

A Rare Complication of Dengue Fever

Hypertension Management in Primary Care in China: Still a Long Way to Proceed

Sudden Death of an Inpatient Due to Anaphylactoid Reaction: The Importance of Determining Correct Cause of Death at Autopsy

Scleral and Body Hyperpigmentation in Disseminated Tuberculosis with Adrenal Insufficiency (Addisons Disease)

Formation of Provincial Fortification Alliances (PFAs) to end Malnutrition across Pakistan

Institutionalization and Sustainability of Local Government System through Civic Education and Citizens Engagement

Increased Prevalence of Autoimmunity and Connective Tissue Diseases in Sickle Cell Disease

A Case Report on Brugada Syndrome and Anesthesia Considerations

Mandating Value: Medical Conversations in B Major

A Typical Presentation of Madelung Disease

An Overview of Antiplatelets for Acute Coronary Syndromes

How do Breast Cancer Mortality Rates Differ between Women who are Screened Annually and Biennially by Mammography?

Hyponatremia: A Potential Prognostic Biomarker in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma?

Bilateral Adrenal Histoplasmosis in an Immunocompetent Man

Examining Evidence for Conventional versus Complementary Therapies to Address Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Anesthesia Management of Total Thyroidectomy Using a NIM EMG Endotracheal Tube: A Case Report

Early Psychosis in People from Chinese Backgrounds Around the World

The Golden 1,000 Days

Endodontic Re-treatment of a Tooth with a Floor Perforation in a Patient in Treatment with Oral Bisphosphonate

PCOS Patients Needs Much More than Just Pills from Doctors

Which Mathematical and Physiological Formulas are Describing Voice Pathology: An Overview

General Practitioners must know about Quaternary Prevention

Cholestasis Due to Ingestion of Probably Adulterated Health Supplements: A Case Report

Pneumothorax - a Rare Presenting Sign of Sarcoidosis

Knowledge and Attitude of First Aid Skills among Health Science Students at Taibah University

Surveillance System Proposed To Monitor The Burden Of Diarrheal Diseases In Pakistan: A Short Communication

Mortality of Subjects with Mood Disorders in the Lundby Community Cohort: A Follow-Up over 50 Years

Patients Attitudes About Electronic System Messaging with Physicians

A Very Wrong Prognosis

The Conscious Neonate and the Neonatal Faint

Determination of the Antibiotic Properties of Cannabidiol

Isolated Left Ventricular Apical Hypoplasia: A Case Report and Literature Review

Fairy Tale Telling Effects People with Dementia

Safe at Home with Assistive Technology

Frequency of Birth Defects and its Relationship to Parents Having Interfamily Marriages at a Tertiary Care Hospital

Success of Bubble CPAP in Treatment of Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Preterm Infants

The Names of Madness

The Management of Madness

Approach to Malignant Bowel Obstruction in Palliative Care

The Family Doctors: Images and Metaphors of the Family Doctor to Learn Family Medicine

Efficacy and Safety of Amlodipine versus Captopril and their Combination in Hypertensive Urgency: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Effect of Cold Weather on the Symptoms of Arthritic Disease: A Review of the Literature

Difficulties in Diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in Teens

Epidemiology in Family Medicine

Metabolism and Our Health

Appendiceal Diverticulosis in Acute Appendicitis: Our Experience and Literature Review

Cutting-Edge Strategies in Massive Transfusion in Patients of Obstetric Hemorrhage

Physician Shortage Problem in Canada from 1980 to 2015

Pradhan Mantari Jan Aushadi Kendra – Demonetarization of Medicine Prices in India

The Epidemiology of Neurofibroma in Infancy and Childhood Among Nigerian Igbos

Stories Notebook about the Fundamental Concepts in Family Medicine: An Introduction

Stories Notebook about the Fundamental Concepts in Family Medicine: Context and Contextualization, The Fable Of the Seagull, The Dove, The Crow And The Albatross

From an Overcrowded to a Smoothly Functioning Emergency Department within Two Months

Accurate Solution to Brain Wave Disorders

From Recovery in Mental Health to Recovery in General Practice: Contribution of Service Users and their Relatives to the Revision of the WHO International Classification of Diseases

Stories Notebook about the Fundamental Concepts in Family Medicine: Continuity, The Fable of The River with Meanders

ANA, RF and CRP in Patients with Rheumatic Symptoms (SLE and/or RA) in the King Abdul-Aziz Hospital-Jeddah-Saudi Arabia

Stories Notebook about the Fundamental Concepts in Family Medicine: Comprehensiveness and Integrality, The Fable of The Tree and The Grass

The Treatment of Glucocorticoid Steroid Resistant Chronic Inflammatory Disease with Moxa Tar

The Issues that Jobbing GPs are Annoyed About

Does Length Matter? Patients’ Perceptions and Expectations of the Length of the General Practice Consultation

Do GP Registrars Care about QOF? An Audit of General Practice Registrar Quality and Outcome Framework Achievement

Emotions Need to be Defined

Study Variation of Anthropometric Variables at Time of Puberty

Gender Differences to the Contextual Factors Questionnaire and Implications for General Practice

Stories Notebook about the Fundamental Concepts in Family Medicine: Uncertainty. The Fable of the Zebra and the Horse

Which Motivational Factors are of More Relevance to the Rural Health Worker? Evidence from a Ghanaian District Hospital

Complications of Instrumental Vaginal Deliveries and Associated Factors in Suhul General Hospital, Shire, North-West Tigray, Ethiopia

Familiar Occurrence of Desmosis of the Colon - Report of Two Cases and Literature Review

Patients Perceptions and Expectations of the General Practice Consultation and of the Doctors Prioritisation Skills of Multi-Morbidity

Scrotum Hernia with Large Volume of Ascites

Stories Notebook about the Fundamental Concepts in Family Medicine: Context and Contextualization, the Fable of The Buffaloes and The Bison

The Effect of Breastfeeding on the Cognitive and Language Development of Children Under 3 Years of Age: Results of Balochistan-Early Childhood Development Project

Satya - Svasthya Ayurveda Treatment Yoga and Agriculture

Usefulness of C-reactive Protein Testing in Acute Cough/Respiratory Tract Infection: A Case-Control Study in a UK Based GP Population

Clinical Image on Obstructed Labor in Mearg General Hospital West Tigray, Ethiopia

Involvement of Gynaecologists in Colorectal Cancer Screening

Severe Infantile Cholestasis as a Cause of Silent Rib Fractures

The Variation of Seasonal Diseases in Family Medicine Depends on Infectious Diseases and these are Mainly Respiratory Diseases

What is a Good Consultation in General Medicine?

Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Clostridium difficile Infection: A Report from a Tertiary Care Center of North India

Breakfast Habits and Its Relationship to Body Mass Index, Cognitive Function among Final Year Medical Students

The Central Venous Pressure Causality Factors

Implementation of the Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Treatments by Mandibular Advancement Appliances

Differences in Verbal Behaviour Style in Interviews of Patients Females with Patients Companion (Triads) and Without Patient's Companion (Dyads) in Family Medicine

Laparoscopic Reversal of Hartmann Procedure: A Single Surgeon Experience

Benefits of Neoadjuvant Hypofractionated Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Locally Advanced Adenocarcinomas

For Decision-Making in Family Medicine Context is the Final Arbiter

Clinical Image on Sigmoid Volvulus (Ileo-Sigmoidal Knoting) in Mearg General Hospital West Tigray, Ethiopia

Co-medication with Cannabidiol May Slow Down the Progression of Motor Neuron Disease: A Case Report

A New-born with Severe Hydrocephalus and Myelomeningocele Associated with Maternal Antiepileptic Medication: A Case Report

Left Ventricular Rupture in Transmural Myocardial Infarction WithoutEnzymatic or Electric Disturbances: Medico-legal Implications

How to Reach Effective Health Service Delivery?

How Serious is ADHD?

Changing Trends in the Types of Intrauterine Illicit Drug Exposures in Neonates Admitted to Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Ultrasound Value in the Early Diagnosis and Exclusion of Idiopathic Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis: 10 Years Experience at Babylon Governorate

The Need for Clearance in Relaxation Therapy: Development of the Relaxation Clearance Tool for Practitioners

A Cyclist's Heart

How do Family Doctors Cure, Resolve, and Treat?

A Case Report of Severe Anemia in a North Indian Surrogate Mother

The Ego Ideal and the Hidden Damage of Diagnosis and Treatment

Cardiac Disease and Diabetes Mellitus: Correlated?

African American Childhood and Adolescent Obesity: Interventions with Group Therapy

Secular Trend throughout 30 Years of Chronic Diseases in a Family Medicine Office in Toledo, Spain: 1985-1995-2016

DAB-Restorative Simplicity

Non Suicidal Self Injury in Adolescence: Psychosocial Predictors

Paraumbilical Perforator Flap: A Good Choice for the Repair of the Deep Soft Tissue Defects in the Hand and Forearm

Factors Influencing Practice of Optimal Dietary Intake of Alcoholics under Rehabilitation in Asumbi-Homabay, Kenya

Are We Aware of Anxiety and Depression in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Acute Leukemia?

Infectious Sacroiliitis: A Radiographic No Touch Lesion

Online and Simulation Based Professionalism Modules for Osteopathic and Allopathic Physicians

Motivation is an Adjuvant Therapy for Pediatric Patients with Minimal Change Disease

The Potential Role of Primary Care Personnel in the Prevention and Screening of Cancer

The Impact of a History of Sexual Abuse on Health: Data from a Self-Reported Questionnaire from a Sample of French Victims

Personalized Preventive Plan in General Medicine

About the Accumulation of Diseases in Certain People

"By The Way..."Phenomenon: A Qualitative Study of the Additional Demands in Closing Moments of Medical Interview in Family Medicine

Influence of Diabetes and Hemodialysis against Nerve Conduction Studies

Improvement of Post Anoxic Myoclonus with Valproic Acid and Add on Levetiracetam Therapy

The Use of Topical Compounded Analgesic Creams in Neuropathic Pain by the Primary Care Physician

Management of a Patient with a Broken Heart Syndrome

Practical Challenges in Implementing a Simplified Leaflet for HIV Patients in Resource Poor Settings: The Practice towards Public Health

Hamstring Strain Injury-Testing and Occurrence Prediction

Botulinum Toxin Type A for Forehead Wrinkles in Asian

Respiratory-Related Medical Admissions in a Tertiary Institution in South-Western Nigeria

Steven Johnson Syndrome: Adverse Drug Reaction

Changing on Patient-Centred Attitudes on Same Students Group; A Qualitative Study

Hocus POCUS or Crucial Tool? Attitudes of General Practice Training Scheme Program Directors to Point of Care Ultrasound

Vaccination–Yes or No

Biopsychosocial Concept is the Characteristic that Distinguishes the Practice of General Practitioner/Family Doctor

To Cath or Not to Cath: PCI for Chest Pain in Stable Coronary Artery Disease

The Evaluation of Mood Status in Mothers of Infants with Infantile Colic

Hair Loss in Youngsters

Importance of Lymphoscintigraphy to Find Sentinel Ganglion in the Context of Malignant Neoplasm of Breast

Progenitor Endothelial Cells in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Hematuria in paediatrics

Triple Negative Invasive Encapsulated Papillary Carcinoma of the Breast·®A Case Report

Benign Phyllodes Breast Tumor: Regarding a Young Woman's Clinical Case

An Open Label, Multi-Center, Non-Interventional Study of the Safety of Nebivolol (Nebilet) In the Treatment of Hypertension in Filipino Adult Patients: A Post Marketing Surveillance Study

Internship Competencies in General Medicine (Monastir-Tunisia)

Myasthenia Gravis-Our Experience in the Last Three Years with Interesting Associations

General Medicine without Time

Long Term Left Ventricular Reverse Remodeling and Functional Outcome after Cardiac Resynchronization in Advanced Heart Failure

High Dose PPI with H2 Blocker for Long Term Remission of Symptoms in Cervical Inlet Patch

Assessment of Quality of Antenatal Care Service Provision and Associated Factor at Governmental Health Facilities of Harar Town, Eastern Ethiopia, 2017

Internet Addiction Disorder among Medical Students in University of Kufa: A Cross Sectional Study

Hypothyroidism Associated with Type 2 Diabetes

A Prospective Medical System of the Future/a Complete Health Care System

Low Energy Availability-A Missing Piece in Injury Risk Screening: Female Athlete Triad (Triad)/Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (Red-S)

Clinical Manifestations and Symptoms of Maxillary Sinusitis of Odontogenic Origin Demonstrated by Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Study of Plasmablastic Lymphoma: Our 3 years’ experience at a Tertiary Care Oncology Institute

Effects of Individual Dosed-Intravenous Iron Doses in Patients with Iron Deficiency: A Multicentre Medicine-Application Monitoring System

A Rare Extended Multi Drug Resistance (XDR) Salmonella typhi Infection in Young Male Patient: A Case Report

To Surf or Not To Surf? - Accessing Reliable, Accurate Medical Information

Metabolic Syndrome Prevention: Effects of Behavioural Change and Communication on Lifestyle Habits and Behaviours among Secondary school Adolescents in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Editorial Note for Journal of General Practice

How New Technologies Could Help in Epilepsy Care, Education and Sensitization of Patients and Carers: The Experience of Telemedicine in the South of Morocco

Multiple Organ Involvements in a Case of IgG4 Related Disease

Editorial Note for Special Issue: COVID - 19 Impact on Human Body & community

Editorial Note for Regular Issue: Journal of General Practice

Patient Satisfaction in kuwait's Primary Healthcare Centers

Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Hand Washing among Health Workers in Jugel Hospital Harar, East Ethiopia 2019

Profiling the Pathway of the Dizzy Patient in the Emergency Department from the Triage and Onwards

Editorial Note of Journal of General Practice

Dentists 2018: Efficiency of reciprocating files in retrieval of filling material during retreatment of root canal - Edmond Koyess - Lebanese University

Dentists 2018: Effectiveness of a dental studentsâ?? stress management program - Abdullah Mohammed Alzahem - King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

Dentists 2018: Clinical evaluation of in-office tooth bleaching effects on three contemporary composites resin - Ameer Al Ameedee - Babylon University

Dentists 2018: Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) of remaining dentine after caries removal with newly prepared experimental chemomechanical caries removal agent - Amer A Taqa - University of Mosul

Dizzy Patient in the Emergency Department

Case of IgG4 Related Disease

Epilepsy Care, Education and Sensitization of Patients and Carers

Effects of Behavioural Change and Communication on Lifestyle Habits and Behaviours

Editorial Note on General Practice

Clinical Pharmacy: Editorial Note

Health Care Systems: Editorial Note

Nursing and Health Care: Editorial Note

Psychology and Neuroscience: Editorial Note

Integrative Education for Neurobiology


Sialadenitis: Overview and Clinical Management

Obesity and Anxiety in COVID-19 Disease: Possibilities of Prevention with Hygienic-Dietary Interventions

Analysis of Quality of Clinical Letters Written in Psychiatry Community Clinic

Evaluation and Management of Overactive Bladder: Current UK Practice

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