Journal of Antimicrobial Agents

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Nagendran Tharmalingam

Nagendran Tharmalingam

Nagendran Tharmalingam
Executive Editor
Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Department of Medicine
Division of Infectious disease, Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Rhode Island, USA


Dr. Nagendran Tharmalingam is a microbiologist and he started his career as a Medical Lab Technician. He finished his Bachelors and Masters at Department of Microbiology, Bharathidasan University, India. After working as a Microbiologist for a while, he went to South Korea to pursue his Doctoral studies at Yonsei University with Yonsei Graduate School-scholarship. He reported, inhibitory effects of piperine on Helicobacter pylori and its effects on gastric cancer and he awarded Ph. D. Then he moved to U.S.A and working as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Rhode Island Hospital. He actively involved in research projects and teaching research to undergrad students.

Research Interest

His research interest include Novel antibiotic molecules and its evaluation in vitro and in vivo. His major ongoing research is on repurposing clinical and novel synthesized molecules to combat pathogens such as gastric pathogen-Helicobacter pylori, and nosocomical pathogens (MRSA, Acinetobacter baumannii).

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