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M.G. Ponomarenko

M.G. Ponomarenko

M.G. Ponomarenko
Far Eastern Federal University, Leading scientific researcher, Laboratory of Entomology, Institute of Biology and Soil Science of FEB RAS, Russia


I was born on May 09, 1962 in Zhitomir region in Ukraine. From 1969 I started my education in primary school in small town in Lvov region. In 1979 I had finished comprehensive school with certificate in Kherson (Ukraine). My dream to study biology was realized when I entered the Kherson State Pedagogical Institute on Natural Department in 1981. The Institute was later renamed in Kherson Pedagogical University. During education I interested insects and had defended the thesis on the theme "Gall forming aphids of the Acer and Popullus from South Ukraine". In 1986 I graduated from university and received diploma with honours. By the time I was already married and had small daughter Katya. During my student years I became interested by scientific work and had hard intention to continue my education and deepening of entomological knowledge. Thus, I started two-year trainee-researcher course in Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia, Sankt-Petersburg), where studied micromoths, notably gelechiid moths, their morphology, functional morphology, phylogeny and systematics. After trainee-researcher course I had three-year post graduate course in same institute. From that time my life is closely associated with science. Therefore to continue researches, after post graduate course I went to Far East, one of the most interesting places in Russia as regards to entomological studing, together with my husband, Beljaev Evgeny (now ScDr, well-known specialist on geometrid moths). In 1994 I had defended successfully dissertation on theme "Gelechiid moths of the subfamily Dichomeridinae (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae) of the Russia and adjacent countries " in the Zoological Institute and received degree Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). From 1996 I worked in Institute of Biology and Soil Science (Vladivostok) and now occupy position of leading scientific researcher. In 2007, I had defended second dissertation in Zoological Institute (Sankt-Petersburg) on the theme "Phylogeny and system of Gelechiid moths of the subfamily Dichomeridinae (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae)" and received degree Doctor of Science (ScD). In same year I was invited to read lectures in Far Eastern Federal University, where now continue work in position of Professor. To date I had published 93 works, including 3 monographs, and 33 parts in collective monographs.

Research Interest

Insect's systematics; Lepidopterology; Functional and evolutionary morphology; Phylogeny; Evolution; Microlepidoptera.

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