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Narayan Ramappa Birasal,
Zoology Department KLE Societys GH College, HAVERI -581 110, Karnataka state, India

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Journal of Biodiversity, Bio-prospecting and Development is an open access and peer reviewed journal which accepts research from wide areas in this field. The main focus of this journal is to maintain safe and potent biological system that preserves biodiversity. Biodiversity refers to the degree of variation in the biological, zoological and ecological aspects. The journal provides a bird’s eye view on how industrial advancement can be achieved by adopting trends, techniques, Quality Assurance, facility design and regulatory affairs by safeguarding the ecological balance.

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Bioprospecting is the development of traditional medicines as commercial products. Pharmaceutical companies from the developed world often look for chemically active ingredients in traditional remedies, which they can develop into commercial pharmaceutical products. This is fiercely criticised as ‘biopiracy’ by those who believe it exploits indigenous knowledge. They point to the fact that companies may attempt to take out on a medicine derived from a traditional cure without recognising the original users. Others argue the huge investment in research and development by pharmaceutical companies gives them this right. Recent cases have seen agreements between traditional users of a medicine and pharmaceutical companies.

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