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Benefits of Biodiversity

Maintaining Biodiversity has an obvious benefit, Robust Biodiversity has led to the development of Drugs that come from Plants or Microbes, half of all drugs on the market in the United States are derived from plants, animals, or Microbial Organisms. The more plants, animals, and microbes that exist, the better the chances of finding treatments for a wide range of diseases and conditions.It also has various benefits in the agricultural, business, and industrial sectors. It has seen a progress in the Forest, Coral reef, Pharmaceutical and the field of human health.Biodiversity is the variation of life forms within a given ecosystem, or on Earth more generally. Maintaining biodiversity is important for many reasons, not least of which are the many direct benefits to humankind. Biodiversity tends to be closely tied in the popular imagination with philosophical or purely environmentalist ethics, but there are a number of very practical reasons to support biodiversity conservation. In the field of human health, robust biodiversity has led to the development of drugs that come from plants or microbes. Around half of all drugs on the market in the United States are derived from plants, animals, or microbial organisms. Although in recent decades more research has been spent on developing synthetic drugs, many believe that the energy and money would be better spent on exploring new treatment options based on natural sources.

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