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Action Required, to Preserve and Protect

Artificial Fertilization and Embryonic Development of Sinocyclocheilus grahami (Regan) from Dianchi Lake, China

Phytochemical and FT-IR Spectral Analysis of Certain Bamboo Species of South India

Ecological Observations, Preliminary Checklist and Conservation of Mammals Occurring Within the Eastern Boundaries of Ethiope River, Niger Delta Area of Nigeria

First Report of Tuber and its Host Plant from Iran

Concerns Regarding Food Biotechnology: An Ongoing Debate

Optimisation of Medium Formulation and Growth Conditions for Xylanase Production by Aspergillus brasiliensis in Submerged Fermentation (SmF)

Evaluation of Anti-Diabetic Property of Extracts of Different Plant Parts of Salacia chinensis Linn.

Global Biodiversity of Insects: Main Trends of Study, to the Question of Method and Importance of Research

Suppressing Biodiversity in the World's Waterbodies: Ballast Biofilms are the Dental Plaque of the Oceans

Medicinal Potential from Plant Biodiversity in a Mediterranean Scrubland, Thymo Piperellae-Cistetum Crispi Costa, Peris & Stubing 1986

Unexpected Feature of the Lepidoptera Assemblages on the Small Shelf Islands in the Peter the Great Gulf (Sea of Japan, South of Russian Far East)

Density of Indian Grey Hornbills (Ocyceros birostris) in and Around Haveri

File Compression and Expansion of the Genetic Code by the Use of the Yin/Yang Directions to Find its Sphered Cube

Communicating Climate Change Using Community Radios

Diversity and Molecular Characterization of Dominant Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (JNU-001) Endophytic Bacterial Strains Isolated from Native Neem Varieties of Sanganer Region of Rajasthan

The Myrmecofauna (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of the Macanao Semi-arid Peninsula in Venezuela: An Altitudinal Variation Glance

Artificial Cultivation of Hermatypic Corals on Experimental Frame on the Reefs of Vietnam

Variation in Taxonomic Diversity of the Fish Assemblage Associated with Soft Bottoms in San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Fermentative Itaconic Acid Production

Survey of Leishmania Infantum Chagasi in Wild and Domestic Animals in Urban Area and Atlantic Rainforest Fragment in Northeast, Brazil

Bioprocessing of Agricultural Residuals for the Optimum Production of Extracellular Xylanase by Aspergillus brasiliensis in Solid State Fermentation (SsF)

Efficacy of Plant Extracts Against Subterranean Termites i.e., Microtermes obesi and Odontotermes lokanandi (Blattodea: Termitidae)

Bioprospecting from Biodiversity as a Development Pathway

Pied Avocet and Demoiselle Cranes: First Report for Heggeri Lake in Haveri District

Bioprospecting and Development: Welcoming

Zoogeographic Analysis of the Fish Fauna Associated with Soft Bottoms during El Nino-La Nina (98-99) In San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Diversity of Edible Insects and Practices of Entomophagy in India: An Overview

Bioprocessing of Agricultural Wastes as Optimised Carbon Source and Optimisation of Growth Conditions for Xylanase Production by Aspergillus brasiliensis in Agitated Solid State Fermentation (Ssf)

Evolutionary Co-Emergence of Appetite and Hormonal Rhythms: A Molecular Highway to Overpass Obesity

Genetic Diversity Analysis of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Cultivars from Morocco Using SSR Markers

Evaluating the Diversity of Culturable Thermotolerant Bacteria from Four Hot Springs of India

The Pythagorean Theorem

Effects of Medium Formulation and Culture Conditions on Microbial Xylanase Production Using Agricultural Extracts in Submerged Fermentation (SmF) and Solid State Fermentation (SsF): A Review

Ethnomedicinal Plants Traditionally Used by the Keiyo Community in Elgeyo Marakwet County, Kenya

Impacts of Furrow Irrigation on Shesher and Welala Natural Reservoirs of Lake Tana Sub Basin, Ethiopia

Opportunities for Bioprospecting Genetic Resources in Ethiopia

Medicinal Plants of Israel: A Model Approach to Enable an Efficient, Extensive, and Comprehensive Field Survey

Phytochemical Screening of Certain Medicinal Plants of Mizoram, India and their Folklore Use

Gelechiid Moths from the Islands of Peter the Great Gulf (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae): Preliminary Faunistic Analysis

Biodiversity and Biochemical Study of Medicinal Plants Collected from Swat Valley of Pakistan

Seasonal Distributions of True Frogs (Family Ranidae) in Tropical Rainforest of Southwestern Nigeria

Biodiversity of Endorhizospheric Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria

A Review on Status, Potentials, Threats and Challenges of the Fish Biodiversity of West Bengal

Plant Protein Kinase and Protein-Protein Interaction

Xylanase Production by Bacillus subtilis in Cost-Effective Medium Using Soybean Hull as Part of Medium Compostion under Submerged Fermentation (Smf) and Solid State Fermentation (SsF)

One World Community, Nearing Reality-Let it Snow!

Ethnobotany and Ethnopharmacology, the First Step towards Bioprospecting

Concentrating Now-Wasted Protein Resources

Evolution of the Diatoms: VIII. Re-Examination of the SSU-Rrna Gene Using Multiple Outgroups and a Cladistic Analysis of Valve Features

The Future Products: Endophytic Fungal Metabolites

A Good Example of Positive Results from Bioprospecting without Damaging Environment

Climate Driven Vegetative Composition Changes in the Big Pine Creek Watershed Using Spectral Mixture Analysis and Time Series Analysis ofLandsat Surface Reflectance Data over a 30 Year Period

Functional Roles of Plant Protein Kinases in Signal Transduction Pathways during Abiotic and Biotic Stress

Bioprocessing of Agro-Residual Wastes for Optimisation of Xylanase Production by Aspergillus brasiliensis in Shake Flask Culture and Its Scaling up Elucidation in Stirred Tank Bioreactor

Proteins at Interfaces are Universal, but still Poorly Understood: A Challenge

Pragmatic Science Edification: The Evolving Biodiverse Brain of Society

Bioprospecting for Superior Biomass Hydrolysing Fungi from Diverse Habitats

Zebra Mussel Byssus Discs Detaching from Biofilm Coated Substratum

A Comprehensive Science-Based Field Assessment of Bioactive Properties of the Native Plants of Palestine

Sports and Nature Conservation–Ten Theses on the Optimisation of Shared Communication

Potential Phagostimulants for the Subterranean Termite, Microtermes obesi (Blattodea: Termitidae)

New Data on Spatio-temporal Stability and Variability of the Vietnamese Reefs

The Factors for the Extinction of Jaguars and Cougars in El Salvador

Assessment of the Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Mangrove Dynamics in the Indian Part of Sundarbans Using Geospatial Techniques

Discovering the Pharmacological Potential of Ecuadorian Market Plants using a Screens-to-nature Participatory Approach

Perspectives of Forest Biodiversity Conservation in Northeast India

Science Policy, Planning, Research and Implementation: Are we able to Achieve what we Want and what is Needed?

Viability of Ulpotha Micro-cascade Rehabilitation with its Indigenous Irrigation Systems-Sri Lanka

Genetic Diversity Analysis among Accessions of Desmodium gangeticum (L) DL with Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) and Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) Regions for Species Conservation

Diversity of Subterranean Termites in South India Based on COI Gene

Poverty Reduction Strategies and MDGS: A Diverse Scenario in the Developing Countries

Improving Agricultural Productivity through Increased Local Biodiversity Exploitation and Food Composition Database Management

Diversity and Abundance of Avian Species of Owena Multipurpose Dam, Ondo State, Southwest, Nigeria

Biodiversity: The Non-natives Species Versus the Natives Species and Ecosystem Functioning

Emerging Scenario on Industrial Use of Bio Resources and Development of Models for Computing Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Mechanisms

The Environmental Impact Mitigation Hierarchy as a Hierarchy of Risk

Bioactivity of Some Plant Extracts Against Termite Odontotermes obesus (Rambur) (Blattodea: Termitidae)

Assess and Prioritize the Problems Related Postharvest Management of Horticultural Crops in Jimma Town, the Case of Bishishe Market

Socioeconomic Determinants of Farmers Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change Hazards in Benue state, Nigeria

Environmental Sustainabilty - Global Need of the Day

Assessment of Medicinal Plants and Their Conservation Status in Case of Daligaw Kebela, Gozamen Werda, East Gojjam Zone

The Giant African Land Snail (GALS) Archachatina marginata Egg and Adult Sizes: Case Study

Invasive Plant Species (Weed) Challenge in Conservation in Australia

The Action of Gelam (Melaleuca cajuputi) Stem Crude Extract as Natural Insecticide for Camponotus Sp.

Mating Behavior and Habitat Preference of Taphozous longimanus (Chiroptera) in Bangladesh

Editorial Note on Journal of Biodiversity, Bioprospecting and Development

Climate Change 2018: Antarctic marine biodiversity and climate change- Simon A Morley- University of Bangor

Euro Green Chemistry-2018: Preparation of activated carbon from olive waste, application as adsorbent for persistent organic pollutants in water- Nadia El Ouahedy- University of Poitiers, France

Pollution control -2020 :Propuesta de aplicación para dispositivos móviles que incentive la conciencia sobre el reciclaje de basuras- Brahian Stiv Sánchez Giraldo- Universidad ECCI, Bogota Colombia

Green Chemistry Congress 2018: Chemical change of the asphalt properties by water effect- Ana Sofia Figueroa Infante- University of Indonesia

Pollution Control -2020:Identifying, developing, and moving sustainable communities through Application of Bioenergy for Energy or Materials: Future Perspective through Energy Efficiency-Abdeen Mustafa Omer-UK

Pollution control 2020:Investigation of emissions sources and characterization at Mamelodi Township, Gauteng, South Africa using conditional probability function modelling-Shonisani Norman Singo:nideria

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