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Journal of Biodiversity, Bioprospecting and Development

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Wildlife and Pollution

Pollution is the major issue affecting various kinds of life existing in the eco-systems through several aspects, wildlife, Pollution and Biodiversity are all inter-linked aspects, the climatic changes in the environment play a key role in the extinction of various endangered species.Pollution is among the most insidious threats to nature: it can be as revolting and obvious as an open dump, or as invisible as the chemicals sprayed on our crops and lawns. But whether the effect is long-term or immediate, the result is the same: pollution alters the fragile balance of ecosystems and brings death to many animal populations. It took over 4 billion years, presumably, to create an environment unique in the solar system; it took only a hundred years or so for humans to upset this environment to the point where the sky is a little less blue, the water a little less clear and the earth a little less fertile.

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