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Maria Thomas

Maria Thomas

Maria Thomas
Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch-Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Postdoctoral Fellow, Germany


Dr.Maria Thomas have studied Biochemistry emphasized on Molecular Biology in Moscow. Since 2009 I work at the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology in Stuttgart with focus on the regulation of drug-metabolizing enzymes by nuclear receptors in primary human hepatocytes. I have deep knowledge and expertise in studying molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulation and gene expression with essential contribution in the establishment of the new technologies especially high-throughput transcriptomics analysis. My former work included genome-scale applications of RNA interference and analysis of large data sets of genome-wide high-throughput screenings. Currently we are part of the Virtual Liver Network consortium, where we are concentrating on defining the functions that take place within cells in the liver. Using this information we try to develop computational models representing them.

Research Interest

Drug Metabolism; Molecular mechanisms of hormonal gene regulation via nuclear receptors and application of personalized medicine.

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