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Dr.Ivan Gout

Dr.Ivan Gout

Dr.Ivan Gout
University College London, UK


He has been working in the field of signal transduction in normal cells and its dysregulation in cancer for more than 20 years. Initially, he worked in Prof. M. Waterfield’s laboratory at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research on studying the function of PI3 kinases and targeting them for anti-cancer drug discovery (lead compounds are currently in clinical trials). At present, the main focus of his research is the study of basic mechanisms by which cell growth and metabolism are regulated in normal and cancer cells. There are two major areas of interest in the laboratory: a) regulation of cell growth, metabolism and proliferation via the mTOR/S6K pathway; b) the role of Coenzyme A and its derivatives in cellular metabolism and gene expression. The development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for cancer is the ultimate goal of his research, which is pursued through collaboration with academic and industrial partners. Dr Ivan Gout have a strong research (111 papers in peer-reviewed journals, H-Index 52) and patent (10 world-wide patents) portfolio and run two drug discovery programs aimed at developing small molecule inhibitors, targeting ribosomal S6 kinase and Aurora A kinase.

Research Interest

Signal transduction, Cancer Biochemistry, Gene expression, Enzyme inhibition


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