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Dr.Gianluca Baldanzi

Dr.Gianluca Baldanzi

Dr.Gianluca Baldanzi
Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Biology
University of Eastern Piedmont, Italy


Dr. Gianluca Baldanzi received Ph.D in Molecular Medicine at A.Avogadro University in 2008. Currently he is an Assistant professor at “A. Avogadro” University & visiting Scientist at Queen Mary University of London.

Research Interest

Function and regulation of SAP gene in T lymphocyte as a regulator of DGK-A. Demonstrating that SAP mediates DGK-A inhibition upon TCR stimulation thus increasing diacylglycerol signaling and T cell responses. Role of DGK-A in cell transformation promoted by v-Src and NPM-ALK. In vitro evaluation of DGK-A as a possible pharmaceutical target for the control of tumor cell growth and dissemination. Activation of DGK-A by HGF and VEGF and molecular determinants of its interaction with Src. Other interesting fields of research: Signaling pathways promoting hepatocyte survival such as PI3K, Src and DGK regulation upon adenosine and glicine release in liver preconditioning. The anti-apoptotic and pro-differenziative proprieties of Ghrelin in myocytes.


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