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Chen Min

Chen Min

Chen Min
Shanghai University, dermatology doctor, China


Dr. Chen Min working as a dermatology doctor in Shanghai Key Laboratory of Molecular Medical Mycology, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital now, where is one of the main clinical and research center of Cryptococcal infections in China .I am very interesting in molecular diagnosis of cryptococcosis, ecological profile and phylogeny of the Cryptococcus neoformans / C.gattii isolates in mainland China. Recently, I finished a project in China, which is about molecular diagnosis of cryptococcal infections using a modified loop-mediated isothermal DNA amplification (LAMP) technique. And that, the abstract on this method has been accepted by the 9th International Conference on Cryptococcus and Cryptococcosis(ICCC-9).

Research Interest

Molecular diagnosis of cryptococcosis; Ecological profile and phylogeny of the Cryptococcus neoformans; C.gattii isolates in mainland China.

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