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Aude Perdereau

Aude Perdereau

Aude Perdereau
College of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


I have studied agronomy and plant breeding in Bordeaux and Rennes, France. As a research assistant, I first worked on the genetics of perennial ryegrass. The project was concerned with identifying genes associated with various abiotic stresses, including nitrogen and drought stress. I then focused on poplar, analysing nucleotide polymorphism in various candidate genes related to growth, leaf rust resistance and to lignin quality in Populus nigra and Populus deltoides. Since 2009, I study the genetics of the Salix genus. The research project aimed at identifying genetic variation in species and populations of Salix with particular emphasis on wood formation and disease resistance genes. I sampled two species of willows and analysed their genetic diversity, population genetic structure and the extent of gene flow and sexual reproduction using diverse molecular markers (SSRs and SNPs). I also analysed a sample of Salix species across Europe for lignocellulose genes (Perdereau et al., 2013).

Research Interest

Plant genetics particularly Salicaceae;molecular ecology;population genetics.

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