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Allen Zheng Sun

Allen Zheng Sun

Allen Zheng Sun
Associate Professor
Shanghai University, Algae Research Centre, College of Fisheries and Life Science, China


Dr. Zheng (Allen) Sun is an Associate Professor in the College of Fisheries and Life Science at Shanghai Ocean University, China. Allen received his M.Res. in 2006 from the University of Bath, England and Ph.D. in 2011 from the University of Hong Kong. His doctoral research was focused on algal biotechnology under the supervision of Prof. Steven Feng Chen. Upon completing the Ph.D., he was working as a postdoctoral researcher at Hong Kong Baptist University and a visiting scholar in the research group of Dr. Carol Lin at City University of Hong Kong. In 2013, Allen joined Shanghai Ocean University as an Associate Professor via the fast-track promotion. Dr. Sun’s research interests include algal biochemistry, algae-derived metabolites and biorefinery of algal biomass. He has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles in top journals in the field of food, agricultural and natural resource sciences. He is also a recipient of the ‘Shanghai Pu-Jiang Talent Programme’ Award and ‘Shanghai Dawn Scholar Programme’ Award in 2013.

Research Interest

Algal Biochemistry; Functional Ingredients from Algae for Foods and Nutraceuticals; Biorefinery of Algal Biomass

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