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Akbar Nikkhah

Akbar Nikkhah

Akbar Nikkhah
Foremost Highly Distinguished Professor, Department of Animal Sciences
The University of Zanjan, Science and Ruminant Nutrition, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Zanjan, Iran


Professor Akbar Nikkhah holds BSc in Animal Sciences (University of Zanjan, Iran,1999), MSc in Animal Nutrition (Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, 2001), PHD in Dairy Nutritional Physiology (University of Manitoba, Canada, 2007) and PostDoctorate in Nutritional Genomics and Management (University of Illinois, US, 2008). Dr. Nikkhah has received numerous national and international awards & honors and has authored more than 350 influential global scientific publications namely articles, editorials, books, and book chapters. He serves more than 500 national and international journals, conferences, and publishers as chief science advisor, editor and evaluator. He has been serving the global community as Chief Highly Distinguished Professor and Mentor (University of Zanjan, Iran) and Frontier Highly Distinguished Peace Leader with diversified programs in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary science and technology research and education.

Research Interest

Veterinary; Animal Agricultural; Economical; Educational; Medical; Biological; Microbiological; Biochemical; Genomic; Proteomic and Metabolomic; Pharmaceutical; Biotechnological; Animal Agricultural; Nanotechnological; Humanities and Arts; Managerial; Medical; Physiological; Nutritional; Nanotechnological; Medicinal; Microbiological; Economical; Veterinary; Chronobiochemical; Psychological; Social; Philosophical; Linguistic; Biochemical and Biophysical; Immunological & Pathological; Lingual; Public Health and Basic Sciences

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