Journal of Biodiversity, Bioprospecting and Development

ISSN: 2376-0214

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Muskaan Chhibber

Environment Department, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

  • Extended Abstract   
    Climate Change 2019 : Extended Abstract Title: Community health worker Model (CHW) for Health Care Delivery and Environment Programs focused on CHW Initiatives
    Author(s): Muskaan Chhibber

    Community Health workers are equipped with the tools and resources necessary to bring about a change in the form of a rapid chain reaction. The CHW Model focuses on the practices, strategies, plans and implementation techniques needed to organize a Community Health event based on diverse agendas: health, environment and minorities. This model encompasses past experiences as a guide with tested strategies to assist future health interns with ground framework and resources to showcase the importance of adopting healthy and environment friendly practices. The basic outline of the program is based on data collected from twenty community health events in Illinois. These events included back to the school fairs, cleanliness drives and health camps. As community health workers can help in implementing better practices in the masses through one-on-one interactions, this model of CHW pr.. Read More»

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