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Patrick W Corrigan


  • Review Article
    The Stigma of Pigmentary Disorders
    Author(s): Maya Al-Khouja and Patrick W CorriganMaya Al-Khouja and Patrick W Corrigan

    One of the major barriers to individuals with pigmentary disorders in achieving their life goals is the stigma of their disorder. This paper provides a review of the existing research regarding stigma reduction, focusing on public stigma, and looking at approaches used within the mental health and other stigmatized communities. A main focus of pigmentary disorder advocates is to eliminate this stigma to remove the barrier it has on success and self-efficacy. Approaching this task from a perspective well-informed by previous research is important to both ensure that stigma reduction resources are spent wisely, and that anti-stigma approaches are effective. .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2376-0427.1000217

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