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    Hygienic Practices among Food Handlers in Restaurants of Al-Nohod Locality Market-West Kordofan-Sudan-2017
    Author(s): Abdelrazig A, Mustafa K and Mohamed MAbdelrazig A, Mustafa K and Mohamed M

    Introduction: The principle of food hygiene implies that there should be minimal handling of food items. Food handlers are thus expected to observe proper hygiene and sanitation methods as the chances of food contamination largely depend on their health status and hygiene practices. Objective: This study was conducted to investigate hygienic practices of food handlers in restaurants of Alnohod locality market-2017. Research methodology: This was community based cross sectional study which covered 34 restaurants and 40 food handlers (cookers) with 100% response rate. The data were collected in October 2016, by using standardized administrated questionnaire composed of 36 close-ended questions. Data were analyzed by using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 20. Results: Th.. Read More»

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