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Fatme Al Anouti

Abu Dhabi
Central America

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    Concerns Regarding Food Biotechnology: An Ongoing Debate
    Author(s): Fatme Al AnoutiFatme Al Anouti

    The development of agricultural biotechnology has led to the production of numerous types of genetically modified crops with improved traits. The prevalence of genetically modified food is increasing globally. The Rapid progress in the development of genetically modified food has significantly however increased public concern about food safety in recent years. The appearance of such foods in the global market has lately resulted in debate and scientific discussion. This debate is likely to continue, probably in the broader context of other uses of biotechnology and their consequences for human societies. To date, regulations and policies which mandate the labeling of genetically modified food are strictly adhered to in many countries to allow consumers both right for knowledge and freedom of choice. Nonetheless, several countries have not yet implemented policies that would oblige foo.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2376-0214.1000106

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