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Fabiha Tasnim


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    A Review on Occupational Health Safety in Bangladesh with Respect to Asian Continent
    Author(s): Fabiha Tasnim, Imon Rahman, Monica Sharfin Rahman and Ridwan IslamFabiha Tasnim, Imon Rahman, Monica Sharfin Rahman and Ridwan Islam

    In the recent scenario, occupational health hazard has been the reason of great concern for a long period of time in this industrialized and digital generation. It is obviously because their significant impacts in terms of human, social and economic sufferings both on national and international arena, but mostly on Asian region. However, there were attempts to take measures and strategies to prevent, control, reduce or eliminate these hazards; they were not adequate to eliminate this issue completely. As a result, occupational hazards are still continued to be significantly disastrous in developing countries like Bangladesh. In Bangladesh it is estimated that 11.7 thousand workers suffer from fatal accidents and a further 24.5 thousand die from work related diseases across all sectors each year which lead the victims spend an average of US $4 on each injury where 17.6% of the populati.. Read More»

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