Journal of Electrical & Electronic Systems

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Titanium Changes Generated at Different DC


Xiao Quan Mao and Zhi Ping Zheng

Objective: To investigate the optimal DC voltage that titanium morphology was created with micro arc oxidation. Methods: The titanium was cut into 10 mm, 10 mm, 1 mm and they were grind and polished respectively. DC voltage that treated titanium was used single variable control: 200V, 250V, 300V, 350V, 400V, 450V; treatment time: 5S; the treatment temperature was less than 40?, Electric current and other conditions were same Results: The morphology on titanium surface was multipore structure, and the pore size was different after titanium treated with micro arc oxidation. The average pore size of MAO250V, MAO300V and MAO350V groups were bigger than 1 μm, MAO200V, MAO400V and MAO450V groups were less than 1 μm, the porosity was 17.4% at MAO200V group, 37% at MAO250V, MAO300V and MAO350V groups, 25.2%, 20.7% at MAO400V and MAO450V group; thickness was from 0.63 μm at MAO200V to 6.87 μm at MAO450V group. There was significant between the groups in the pore size and thickness Conclusion: Morphology could meet the needs of clinic at 250-350V DC voltage.


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