Journal of Electrical & Electronic Systems

ISSN: 2332-0796

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The Aging Degree Analysis of EPR Cable Insulation Based on Hardness Retention Rate Measurement


Meng Xiao-Kai, Han Pei-Jie, Liu Xinyuan and Jin Tao

Based on the accelerated thermal aging analysis of Ethylene-Propylene Rubber (EPR) cables, the theoretical relationship between elongation at break retention rate (EAB%) and hardness retention rate was deduced from the mathematical principles of hardness test. The relation curve was compared with the measurement values, and the result shows that there is high coincidence degree between theoretical curve and measurement values. After researching on the experimental data of EAB% and hardness retention rate, combining the “time-temperature shift factors” with Arrhenius equation, the lifetime termination index on account of hardness retention rate is analyzed when the EAB% reduced to 30%-50%. According to comparing theoretical values with the experimental results, hardness retention rate decreased to 10% was proposed as the lifetime termination index of EPR cable.


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