Journal of Electrical & Electronic Systems

ISSN: 2332-0796

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Road Map and Challenges in 4G Wireless System


A. K. Rathore, R. K. Chaurasia, R. Mishra and H. Kumar

The user demand for high speed multi-media application has been increasing many folds in the recent years. New smart phones are launching in the market. The wireless communication is looking forward for a new generation technology that will match the application demand and resources. This is where the fourth generation (4G) wireless communication is required. 4G wireless communication is expected to provide better speed, high capacity, low cost IP based services. The main objective of the 4G wireless communication is to supersede the current core technology with a single unified technology. More and more advanced interactive multimedia applications are emerging as 4G networks resulting in a rapid development of video coding and communication techniques. This paper deals with the current scenario and the future prospects of the 4G system in addition with the challenges it is going to witness.


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