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Open-end Winding Induction Motor Drive Using Decoupled Algorithm


Ranjit M, Sumanjali M and Ganesh B

In now a days modern multi level inverters have emerged to overcome the drawbacks due to the conventional inverters. In various industries inverters with different PWM techniques have been employed to achieve good performance in the context of variable speed drives. But due to multilevel inverters the switching losses are more and the cost of the equipment is also more because of the number of devices is increased in multilevel inverters. These are some drawbacks due to the usage of conventional multilevel inverters in industries. In this proposed work a decoupled algorithm is proposed to overcome the drawbacks due to conventional inverter have been presented. The cascaded connection of asynchronous motor and two 2-level inverters at both ends of motor constitutes to open end winding induction motor drive. The characteristics of dual inverter fed open end winding induction motor drive resembles to those of conventional three level inverter. In this proposed work the performance characteristics of Induction motor with different PWM techniques like CSVPWM, DPWMMAX, DPWMMIN have been analysed using MATLAB/SIMULINK environment and to validate the results the harmonic spectra values has been listed out.


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