Journal of Electrical & Electronic Systems

ISSN: 2332-0796

Open Access

Economic Battery Sizing for Reliable Quantized Solar PV Power Output


H Senal Perera, J Rohan Lucas*

Generation of power from Solar PV inherently possesses a set of reliability issues. These issues are magnified with increasing penetration, and mitigation provides increased compatibility, especially for power systems with lower inertia. This paper addresses the intermittency issues. It provides and sustains a more deterministic output obtained by a quantized prediction input utilizing a demand response system. Utilization of the proposed method would allow Solar PV to be considered semi-dispatchable when connected to the grid. It would add virtual inertia, as well as improving the ability to safely operate in stand-alone mode. An algorithm is incorporated as an alert system in a ‘worst case scenario’ as a safety measure in the rare case of not being able to meet commitment. The financial impact due to the addition of the device has been evaluated and the levelized cost of generation is shown to be 16.5 LKR/kWh. For rooftop solar, the cost- benefit ratio is shown to be above 1.3 after implementation. A battery sized at 2.7% of rated daily energy (1.5 Ah for a system operating at 450 V) is shown to be sufficient for a PV system generating a daily peak energy of 25 kWh to effectively convert Solar PV into a semi-dispatchable source. This allows special benefits from the utility service provider, which increases the feasibility of the incorporation.


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