Journal of Electrical & Electronic Systems

ISSN: 2332-0796

Open Access

Design of an Automatic Windshield-Breaking Device for Abnormal Situations in Moving Vehicles


Ching-Sung Wang, Teng-Wei Wang and Min-Chun Zhou

In recent years, cases of vehicles being accidentally driven into the sea or flooded sewers have been frequently reported. However, due to strong external water pressure in such situations, drivers sometimes fail to open a door for escape, causing irreversible results. Moreover, the inhalation of dangerous gases, as generated by the air conditioner and circulated in the vehicle, can cause permanent damage to the occupants of the vehicles. Considering the abovementioned scenario, this author believes that if a device can break the windshield and automatically make an emergency phone call when the vehicle is under water and there is a gas leakage, it would enable drivers and passengers to immediately escape, thus, effectively improving their safety. Therefore, this study focuses on this issue as its major research direction and aim; moreover, a review of domestic and overseas research regarding vehicle safety devices and accessory products shows that such windshield-breaking devices do not exist.


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