Journal of Electrical & Electronic Systems

ISSN: 2332-0796

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A Novel Type of Wireless V2H System with a Bidirectional Single-Ended Inverter Drive Resonant IPT


Hideki Omori, Shinya Ohara , Noriyuki Kimura , Toshimitsu Morizane and Mutuo Nakaoka

Electric vehicles (EV) offer promise as an effective solution to environmental problems. One of the keys to their successful diffusion is the provision of adequate battery charging infrastructure. In order to create a charging infrastructure by installing equipment in such as locations as carports in private homes, the wireless battery charging system is very suitable. EVs can be used in smart house systems to supplement the energy storage. This vehicle to home (V2H) system essentially requires a bidirectional power transfer feature between the EV and home. This paper presents a new bidirectional inductive power transfer (IPT) system for wireless V2H with simplest components and low cost aiming at wide diffusion for home use. Proposed is a novel type of bidirectional wireless EV charging system with an efficient and compact type single-ended quasi-resonant high-frequency inverter for V2H.


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