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Important citations

Mahmoudvand H, Fallahi S, Mahmoudvand H, Shakibaie M, Harandi, et al. (2015) Efficacy of Myrtus communis L. to Inactivate the Hydatid Cyst Protoscoleces. Journal of Investigative Surgery 1-7.

Shivaswamy V  (2012) Immunosupppression and Endocrine Dysfunction. Journal of Transplantation Technologies & Research.

Teichmann J, Valtink M, Nitschke M, Gramm S, Funk RH, et al. (2013) Tissue engineering of the corneal endothelium: A review of carrier materials. Journal of functional biomaterials 4: 178-208.

Ng ZQ, He B, Mou L, Delriviere L, Hamdorf JM (2016) Preventable Urological Complications Post Kidney Transplant with Modified Lich-Gregoir Technique for Ureteroneocystostomy. J Transplant Technol Res. 6: 2161-0991.

Rassman W, Pak J, Kim J (2016) Follicular Unit Extraction: Evolution of a Technology. J Transplant Technol Res. 6: 2161-0991.

Alalawi F, AlNour H, Julie BM, Sharma A, Halawa A (2016) Liver Abscess; Uncommon Complication Following Renal Transplantation: Case Report with Review of Literatures. J Transplant Technol Res. 6: 2161-0991.

Awobusuyi JO, Bridson JM, Sharma A, Halawa A. (2016) Basiliximab in High-risk Group: An African View. J Transplant Technol Res.  6: 2161-0991.

Khan AA, Sivaram G, Vishwakarma SK, Reddy CL, Srinivas G, et al. (2015)  Transplantation of Epcam+ Ve Human Hepatic Stem Cells in Liver Cirrhosis Patient and Cellular Immune ResponseRunning Title: Transplantation and Cellular Immune Response. J Transplant Technol Res. 5: 2161-0991.

Mubarak M, Kazi JI (2014) Revisiting IF/TA Category of Banff Working Classification of Renal Allograft Pathology: Have the Objectives been Achieved? J Transplant Technol Res 4: e129. doi: 10.4172/2161-0991.1000 e129 Page 2 of 2 5. Nankivell BJ, Chapman JR (2006) Chronic allograft nephropathy: curren t concepts and future directions. Transplantation. 81: 643-654.

Fujita, Y., & Kawamoto, A. (2016). Regenerative medicine legislation in Japan for fast provision of cell therapy products. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 99(1), 26-29.

Albalushi KR, Sellami MH, AlRiyami H, Varghese M, Boukef MK, et al. (2014) HLA Class II (DRB1 and DQB1) Polymorphism in Omanis. J Transplant Technol Res. 4: 2161-0991.

Okada K  (2014) A new national framework for clinical trials and evaluation of innovative medical care technologies using living cell transplantation in Japan. J Transplant Technol Res.4: e137.

Malinin T, Buck BE. (2014) Cultivation of human chondrocytes on cartilage fluff matrix without loss of phenotypic expression. Transplantation Technol Res  4.

Van Der Straeten C, Byttebier P, Eeckhoudt A, Victor J. (2016) Meniscal allograft transplantation does not prevent or delay progression of knee osteoarthritis. PloS one. 11: e0156183.

Boutin RD, Fritz RC, Marder RA. (2014) Magnetic resonance imaging of the postoperative meniscus: resection, repair, and replacement. Magnetic resonance imaging clinics of North America. 22: 517-555.

Shu-ming JI, Jin-song C, Ke-nan NX, Ji-qiu W, Dong-rui C, et al. (2016) Immunohistochemistry Featues of BK Virus-Associated Nephropathy in Chinese Kidney Transplant Recipients. PARIPEX-Indian Journal of Research.  19: 5.

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