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Journal of Sports Medicine & Doping Studies

ISSN: 2161-0673

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Sports Medicine Case Reports

sports medicine case reports are most important part of clinical studies and research, which helps to study and create different therapy and methods associated with performance enhancement

Sports nutrition should be encouraged as a means to improve both training and performance, and eating healthy should be the bottom line. This means eating enough of the right calories to fuel exercise, and aid in recovery. Encouraging an athlete to eat healthy as a part of training can keep them focused on how they feel and their energy levels, rather than the scale or mirror.

Special Issue on Sports Medicine and Exercise physiology

Keeping all these instances into consideration, Journal of Sports Medicine and Doping Studies Invites paper submission for our special issue based on “sports medicine and Exercise physiology” and “sports management” from quality authors till 30th of September 2015. All these articles would be published in October issue of our Journal.

High Impact List of Articles
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