Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering

ISSN: 2169-0022

Open Access

Weihong Guo

Weihong Guo

Weihong Guo
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Polymer Alloy Research Group School of Materials Science and Engineering
East China University of Science and Technology
P.R. China


He has completed graduation in 1989, post graduation in 1996 and Phd research in 1999 as Material Science as a subject.Having many teaching experience, and publishes many articles in esteemed Journal.

Research Interest

His research interest is in Polymer Processing, carrying out independent research in polymer composites processing (molding injection, extrusion, rheology), with in-depth understanding and working knowledge of phase incompatibility of commingled virgin and waste plastics (such as HDPE/PET or PC/PET blends); composite brittleness improvement through chemical coupling and nano-particle reinforcement, development of extrusion/compression molding technology for manufacturing polymer composites reinforcement.


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