Tuberous breast deformity

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Tuberous breast deformity

7th International confererence on Cosmetology & Beauty R&D & Expo

July 13-14, 2018 | Toronto, Canada

Abdolhamid Sharifian

American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Canada

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Abstract :

Tuberous breast deformity is a common congenital anomaly with varying degree of hypoplasia, asymmetry, skin deficiency and areolar enlargement and herniation of breast tissue through nipple areola complex. The etiology of this congenital breast development anomaly is unknown. There are different theories regarding its etiology and because of that there are different surgical treatments for this condition. The nomenclature, classification, and treatment of this condition have varied considerably. The presentation of this anomaly varies in different stages and there are different classifications for its severity. In the best classification it can be staged in four different classes: Class 1: upper medial quadrant is deficient Class 2: both upper quadrants are deficient Class 3: both upper quadrant and lower medial quadrant are deficient Class 4: all four quadrants are deficient For diagnosis of tuberous breast all or some of the components of this anomaly should be present. These elements are: Breast tissue hypoplasia, shortening of the distance between the Inframammary lines to nipple areola complex, widening of the nipple areola complex shortening of the breast width, herniation of the breast tissue through nipple areola complex, the treatment of this developmental anomaly is just surgical and the proposed surgical treatment should address all these breast tissue anomalies. Since the presentation of the tuberous breast deformity by Rees and Aston in 1976, many surgical procedures have been developed, but the correction of such a deformity still remains a surgical challenge. These different surgical treatments can be mentioned as: ? Simple radial scoring ? Breast tissue augmentation by fat grafting ? Breast augmentation by breast implant high dual technique ? Millard Z Plasty ? Thoracoepigastric flap ? Ribeiro technique ? Pocket technique

Biography :

Abdolhamid Sharifian is currently serving as a member of American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Canada. He has been graduated from Shahid Beheshti medical School (IRAN) in 1992 and has got Iranian board of general surgery on 1995. After passing one year fellowship with Prof. Pierre Fournier from 2006 to 2007 in cosmetic surgery, he has got international board of cosmetic surgery in 2009 and American board of cosmetic surgery(ID) in 2015.



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