Transform your life and bank account by being a coach

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Transform your life and bank account by being a coach

Global Entrepreneurship & Business Management Summit

April 10-11, 2019 | Toronto, Canada

Fatima Omar Khamissa

Million Stars Academy, Canada

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Million Stars Academy certification program is a global coaching program for 1 million women internationally, regardless of race, religion, faith, ethnicity, or history. Having a coaching business is one of the most lucrative businesses a woman can have. There are thousands of people out there who have pain, fear, doubt, and shame. They are looking over-come their past. A coaching business is built upon your own history, your experience, and your skill set. You can work parttime or you can work full-timewhile taking care of your family and children. At Million Stars Academy, we teach you the exact steps to get your niche, your business idea, how to market yourself, and how to get your first five clients in your first 30 days. And more than that, we promote you on the million stars website. When a visitor lands on the million stars website, they will find a coach in two ways: geographically or through your specialty. It is with great humbleness that I get to support women to create a business of her dreams while she raises her family and builds a life that she loves.

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