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Use of Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Practices and Discretionary Government Funding

Do Trade Restrictions or Openness Affect Economic Growth Differently in the Presence of Export Credits?

Customer Value Creation and Delivery in B2B Context: An Intelligent-Agent Systems Approach

Change in Capital Gains Tax Rates and IPO Underpricing

The Demand for Money in Nigeria: Evidence from Bounds Testing Approach

The “Iron Cage” Turned Inside Out: Emerging Evidence of the Effects of “Reverse Legitimacy” on Six Major Banks in the US (1999 to 2007) – A Case Study

State-Based Effects on Ideology:An Empirical Study of the Relationship of Political Polarization with State Energy Production Share, Per Capita Consumption and Population Density

The Intended Prioritized Selling of the Nest Egg by US Baby Boomers during Retirement

Challenges of Employee Loyalty in Corporate America

An Empirical Analysis of Online Social Network Determinants towards Business Prosperity

The Impacts of Personality Traits and Goal Commitment on Employees’ Job Satisfaction

Relationship between Working Capital Management and Profitability: A Study of Selected FMCG Companies in India

Ownership, Governance and Enterprise Efficiency: Evidence from Ghana

Assessing Tax Fairness Dimensions in a Small Developing Economy

Higher Education Opportunity Act and Textbook Prices: Theoretical Approach

Factors Affecting the Adoption of Formal Accounting Systems by SMEs

The Relative Impact of Fiscal versus Monetary Actions on Output: A Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Approach

International Monetary Transmission, a Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregressive (FAVAR)Approach: The Cases of Mexico and Brazil

Semi-Autonomous Work Team Implementation in Manufacturing Cells Using a Simplified Project Management

Exchange Rate Depreciation and Inflation in Nigeria (1986 – 2008)

Stock Market Responses to Fed Funds Rate Changes

CEO Compensation and Company Performance

The Relations of Transformational Leadership and Empowerment with Student Perceived Academic Performance: A Study among Indian Commerce Students

The Impact of the Indigenous Economic Empowerment Act of Zimbabwe on the Financial Performance of Listed Securities

Investor Interest, Under-Pricing and Trading Volume in Pakistan Secondary Market

Application of Relationship Selling in the Nigerian Context: A Model of the Restraining Factors

Stock Market and Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis for Germany

Understanding and Mitigating Direct Investment Risk in the Indian Real Estate Market

The Impact of Transformational Leadership and Empowerment on Employee Job Stress

Government Expenditure And Economic Growth In Nigeria, 1970-2008: A Disaggregated Analysis

Distributed And Intelligent Platform Of Intrusion Detection At Two Levels

An Empirical Analysis of Determinants of Commercial and Industrial Electricity Consumption

Does The Individual’s Culture Play A Role In The Value Perception Of Members Of Small Multin a tional Teams?

What Are The Determinants Of Dividend Policy? The Case Of The Japanese Electrical Appliances Industry

The Relationship Between Working Capital Management And Profitability: Evidence From The United States

Factors Influencing Internal And External Employability Of Employees

A Note on Fair Value Accounting in a Crisis: The Influence of the Hedge Accounting Regulations

Agricultural Credit and Economic Growth in Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis

Empirical Study of the Effect of Conflict on Organizational Performance in Nigeria

Further Evidence on the Turn-of-the-Month Effect

Factors That Affect Canadian Propensity To Grow And Expand Small Business

The Relations of Transformational Leadership and Empowerment with Employee Job Satisfaction: A Study among Indian Restaurant Employees

Social Media Marketing by Pharmaceutical Industry: Perception and Attitudes of Key Stakeholders

The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Acquirer Performance: Evidence from Turkey

Determination of Inventory Control Policies at Urafiki Textile Mills Co Ltd in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Public Perceptions of Government ’s Effectiveness in H andling Corruption in Nigeria

Improving Ethical Decision Making in Health Care Leadership

How do Industries Respond to Finance Specific Regulations?

What are Real Estate Prices Responding to? An Examination of Daily Price Changes in Chicago, IL

Customer Relationship Management and Customer Retention: Empirical Assessment from Nigeria’s Insurance Industry

Ireland's Foreign Direct Investment Sector: the Impact of a hypothetical Irish Euro zone exit

A Review of Libyan's Economy, Structural Changes and Development Patterns

A Note on Factor Price Equalization

Can Projection Information Shed Light On Post Bankruptcy Performance?

The Comparative Investigation of Investment and Manufacturing Company's Portfolio with an Emphasis on Market Return: The Case of Tehran Stock Exchange

The Effects of Selected Socio-Economic Variables on the Entrepreneurship Performance in Nigeria Economy

Maximizing the Value of a Business: Using the Right Metrics

Improving Corporate Governance Quality Through Modern Controlling- Integrated Reporting in the German Two Tier System

Kierkegaard and Valuation in a Business Context

The Kano Model and the Future of the European Union: An Attitude Assessment of European Citizenry

Techniques for Estimating the Value of Control Using Indirect Method Based on Stock Prices

The Impact of Monetary and Fiscal Policies on Real Output: A Re-examination

The Role of Institutions and Good Governance for Attracting Foreign Direct Investments: Evidence from Southeast Europe

A Comparative Analysis of Accounting Standards on Consolidation and Long-Term Investments

Performance implications of manager entrenchment in family firms

Approaches to Shared Value Creation: CSR 2.0 or Something More? Insights and Issues about the New Sustainability Perspective

Detecting Market Anomalies: Do Evidences Hold in Nigeria?

Propensity for Growth of Stock Prices in Emerging Markets: A Logit Panel Approach

Determining the Equality of Customer Loyalty between Two Commercial Banks in Anambra State-Nigeria

A Useful Role for Data Mining in Economics

Influence of American Labor Management and Management Education in Germany after World War II: Human Relations and American-Style Management Education Methods

Participatory Decision Making and Employee Productivity. A Case Study of Community Banks in the Upper East region of Ghana

Where does the Relevance of Corporate Governance lie?

Critical Analysis of the Stochastic Volatility of the S&P 500 Index between 2000-2010

Industry Analysis of the Stationary Sector in India: A Market Acceptance Study

Effects of Flexible Working Method on Employee Performance: An Empirical Study in Turkey

Employability and Employment in the Hotel Industry: A Review of the Literature

The Meaning, Nature, and Limits of Ethical Investment

The Problem of Questionable Marketing Outputs

Self-Regulation in the Art World and the Need to Prevent Money Laundering

Estimating the Investment Value of an Asset’s Liquidity

The Impact of Working While Studying on Educational and Labour Market Outcomes

Innovating the Value Propositions

Remapping the Financial System in a Transition Economy - The Case of China

Managing Market Price Risks

Project Portfolio as a Network of Temporary Organizations: A New Perspective and a New Challenge for Future Research

Risk Tolerance Parametrics and the Maximal Value Frontier: The Value of Information for Risk-Averse Decision Making With Exponential Utility

Effectiveness of Business R&D in Emerging Economies; the Review of Research Evidence

Comparing and Contrasting the Philosophy of Economics in Ancient Greece and in the New Testament. Towards a Fair Distribution of Wealth: From the Ancient Greek Syssitia to the Christian Common Meals of Love

Global Business Benchmarking

The Relevance of Firm-size in the Informal Sector

The Impact of Intellectual Capital on the Performance of U.S. Property-Casualty Insurance Companies

Performance Effectiveness of Technology Incubation in Nigeria

Impact of Energy Reform in Fertilizer Market in Mexico

“Feet of Clay”: Organisational Culture and Localism

Revisiting Electricity Consumption Function: the Case of Saudi Arabia

The Innovation of Service

Modeling Banks’ Probability of Default

Customer Perceptions for Store Attributes: A Study of Unorganized Retail Stores in India

What is Left of Total Quality?

Democratization and Growth: An Examination across the World Regions

KPIs in a Management Measurement System Must be Supportive

Has the OECD Guidance Helped Reduce Mal-Corporate Behavior?

Are Shareholders Adequately Represented in the Corporate Governance Process?

Compliance to Corporate Governance among Publicly-listed Companies in the Philippines

Present Scenario of Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources in Bangladesh: A Compact Analysis

Recent Major Fed Errors and Better Alternatives

Strategic Tax Distortion, Allocative Production Efficiency, and the Optimal Export Trade Policy

A Focus on Corporate Governance and the Relationship with Business

Trade versus Non-Trade Policy in a Two Sector General Equilibrium Framework

Tax Rates and Tax Evasion: Evidence from Missing Imports in Tanzania

Management Attributes that Contribute to the Success of Women in Management Positions

Public Policies for the 21st Century: Guidelines for the U.S. (and Elsewhere)

Technical Efficiency in Persian Gulf Banking

Asymmetric Adjustment in the Singaporean Consumer Loans-Interbank Overnight Rate Spread and Conditional Heterokedasticity

The Impact of the Economic Partnership Agreements between ECOWAS and the EU on Niger

The Relationship between Occupational Stress and Intentions to Quit among Employees at Nkonkobe Municipality, South Africa

Impact of Human Resource Practices on Female Employees Performance in Karachi Pakistan

Terminology as an Obstacle to Specialized Knowledge Comprehensibility

Evidence of Petroleum Resources on Nigerian Economic Development (2000-2009)

Employment Impacts of Off-Peak Seasonal Tourism Development

Private Benefits of Control: Contestability versus Coalition

Effect of Information Technology Investment on Organizational Productivity and Growth of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Developing Countriess

The Moroccan Middle Class from Yesterday to Today: Definition and Evolving

Assessing Africa’s Two Billion Populated Market by 2063: The Facts and Fallacies of a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA)

Emerging Markets: Overview and Performance Analysis

Economic Growth: Measuring the Essential Elements

Multidimensional Poverty Assessments in Rural Farm Household, South-West of Nigeria: Evidence form Oyo State Farm Settlements

The Role of Commercial Banks in Providing Agricultural Credit in Tamil Nadu (Extent and Factors Influencing Investment) – India: A View

Best Practices of Leading Public Pension Funds: Is the GSIS up to it?

Inflation and Re-Evaluation FIS in Algeria

Measuring Service Quality Expectation and Perception Using SERVQUAL: A Gap Analysis

A Corporation is looking after Multinationals. Are they Attractive for their Skills or Just a Means of Reducing Transaction Costs?

Non-Linear Series Inversion Method for Forecasting Canadian GDP Growth

An Empirical Analysis on Women Empowerment of Some Selected Areas of Bangladesh

Optimal Design of New Generation Fiscal Rules: Coping with the Business Cycle and Discretionary Tax Reductions

High-Dimensional Statistical Analysis in Business and Economics

Acquisition of Mexican SMEs; Its Impact on Organizational Culture and Structure: The Case of Glass and Plastic Mexico

Determinants of Life Insurance Demand, Consumer Perspective - A Case Study of Ayeduase-Kumasi Community, Ghana

Sale of the Crown of Beer: A Study Based on The Strategy Tripod of Mike Peng

Chilean Reform on Italian Pension System

A Review of Experiential Learning as the Educational Construct

Investigation on Keynesian Monetary Fluctuations

The Social Process Model: Strategize At the Personal Level

Agriculture Role on Indian Economy

Why Manufacturers are Less Powerful than Retailers in Trade Circles? A Case Study of Wal-Mart Retailing Business

Barriers to Service Quality in the Banks of Pakistan: A Comparative Study of Islamic and Conventional Banks

A Financial Analysis of the Low-Carbon Projects in the China (PRC)

Gender Inequality and Economic Development

Innovation and Competitiveness Lead to Industrial Trade

Impact of Oil Price and Shocks on Economic Growth of Pakistan: Multivariate Analysis (Sectoral Oil Consumption)

A Definitive Review of Perspectives in Learning Applied

Financial Asset Ownership: The Case of Chinese and Indian Immigrants to the United States

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Languedoc-Roussillon SMEs Export

Resistance to Change- A New Perspective: A Textbook for Managers Who Plan to Implement a Change

Exploring the Process of Institutional Configurations during Economic Transition Insights from Uzbekistan

Enduring Advantages: Asian Indian and Chinese Immigrant Wealth

Industry Initiatives for Green Marketing in India

Does Microcredit Create Employment For the Poor? The Case of the Microcredit Scheme of Upper Manya Krobo Rural Bank in Ghana

Advertising Influence on the Profitability of Public and Private Sector Commercial Banks

An Empirical Study on Critical Failure Factors and Business Intelligent System Failure at Pre-implementation Phase in Small and Medium Enterprises in Pakistan

Performance of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Nigeria and Benin (1990-2009)

Role and Impact of Reward and Accountability on Training Transfer

The Unresolved Dilemma of Leadership-Commitment Relationship: A Proposed Framework

Research Education is Truly Indispensable for the Scholastic Educational Hope

Diving Deep in Employee Training to Understand Employee Engagement

Entrepreneurs Attitude towards the Performance of Industrial Estates in Southern Districts of Tamilnadu-A Study

The Effect of the Perceptions of Correctional Officers of Job-related Affective Well-being on Tendency to Leave the Job

The Imperative of Stock Market on Economic Growth in Nigeria: The Endogenous Growth Model

Human Capital, Infrastructure and Economic Growth in Arab World: A Panel Granger Causality Analysis

Impact of Business Process Re-engineering on the Performance of Banks in Pakistan

Social Media and Its Role in Marketing

The Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development in Saudi Arabia

Convergence Behaviour of Growth Triangle: The Case of IMT-GT

Improving Detection in Managing Health and Medical Care with Data Analytics

Role of Dowry in Causing Despair in Unmarried Girls

What are the Impact of Foreign Aid to the Economic Growth? Time Series Analysis with New Evidence from Tanzania

Developing an Intelligent Recommendation System for Course Selection by Students for Graduate Courses

Causality Inference with Observational Data in Economics

Organizational Intervention at an Aquarium

Book Review ‘Perakaunan dan Kewangan untuk Bukan Akauntan’ (Malay Version)

Money Supply, Banking Liquidity and Stock Index Returns: Evidence from Four Major Capital Markets

Book Review: ‘Make Money by Selling Clothes’ (Malay Version)

The Influence of Dimensions of Organisational Culture on the Management of Heritage Sites as Tourism Products in Zimbabwe

Does Financial Development Spur Macroeconomic Policy Efficiency in the Cemac Countries? An Empirical Evaluation

Structural Factors Affecting International Trade Growth in Iran


Is Role of WTO Shrinking?

Closing the Gender Gap in the Field of Economics in Vietnam

External Debts and Economic Growth in Nigeria: An Empirical Study Using Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model

Outbound Logistics Performance and Profitability: Taxonomy of Manufacturing and Service Organizations

The Essence of Lean in Supply Chain

Finance - A Garrotte?

An Anthropological and Not Economic Crisis

Investment Banks and Credit Institutions: The Ignored and Unregulated Diversity

Italy: Lost Sovereignty and Phantom Politics

An Analysis of Educational Quality of Universities in the North of Vietnam

Rational Finance, "Caput Mundi" Money: A Global Deception

Challenges in Financing Small and Medium Enterprises in Palestine

Independence Day and Forgotten Equality

International Monetary Fund: Hamlet Disappeared on a Mission

The "Shamans" of Finance, Derivatives and "Thalidomide"

Managing Access to Cloud Services by Administrators in the Company

Analysis of the Organizational Eco-Systemic Change in a Cooperative Society of Fishing Production

Failure of Foreign Aid in Developing Countries: A Quest for Alternatives

Jockeying for Position in International Sim Card Industry in India

Book Review ‘Leadership and School Improvement' (Malay Version)

Ideology of Education in Ancient and Present Society of India - A Study Report

Italo Calvino and "Finance": The Invisible, Infinite and Illogical City without a Future

A Data Analytical Study of the Japanese Equity Market over a Lengthy Period

An Empirical Study of Customer Value, Customer Trust and Customer Loyalty Based on E-Commerce

God Bless America

Does the Index Futures Destabilize the Underlying Spot Market? Some Evidence from Frensh Stock Exchange

Relationship between Job Stress and Personality Dimensions of Education Physical Education Teachers in the City of Pars Abad

Book Review ‘Significant Management Idea: The Idea that has Changed the World Management’ (Malay Version)

Book Review ‘Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia: Strategies for National Development’ (Malay Version)

Financial and Technical Assessment of Kenaf Cultivation for Producing Fiber Utilized in Automotive Components

Corporate Social Responsibility of Islamic Financial Institutions: A Look from the Maqasid Al-Shariah (Purpose of Shariah) Approach

Study on the Relationship between Entrepreneurship Intellectual Capital and the Enterprise Performance

IPO Trading with Short-term & Intraday Temporal Functionalities

Factors Affecting the Satisfaction of Investors In Industrial Zones of Thai Nguyen Province

Technical Market Anomalies: Leveraged ETF Trading with Daily and Intraday Temporal Functionalities

Book Review ‘The Effective Executive’ (Malay Version)

Evaluation of Innovation Policy in Kazakhstan in the Period of Globalization Trends

Analysis of Motivation Issues and Link with Profitability: Case Study of Entrepreneurial Firms in a Rural Cluster in West Bengal, India

The Emerging Role of Financial Intermediaries in the Financial Market of Ghana

Misallocations of Human Capital in the Context of New Structural Economics Framework: Evidence from Sudan

Strategies for Economic Growth: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Rural Areas of Nigeria

Book Review ‘Pengantar Perakaunan’ (Malay Version)

The Nature of a Dynamic Relationship between Audit Committee and Auditors, both Internal and External

The Solutions to Enhance the Use of Management Accounting in Small and Medium Enterprises in Thai Nguyen Province

A Research Paper on an Impact of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on Indian Economy

The Impact and Potential of the Collaborative Internet and Additive Manufacturing on the Future Economy

The Impact of Competitive Devaluation on the Foreign Trade of Turkey

Microfinance Impact Assessment: Linkage of Financial Inclusion to Welfare Conditions of The MFI’s Clients in Rwanda

Financial Inclusion and Financial Performance of Microfinance Institutions in Rwanda: Analysis of the Clecam Ejoheza Kamonyi

Effects of Employee Selection Process on Productivity in the Public and Private Sectors: A Case of Benue State

Bubbles and Overshooting Crash

The Nobel Prize for Mythical Finance and “Columbus’ Egg”: A Suspension of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences?

Business Strategy Role as Mediation of Management Capability on Business Performance Seaweed In South Sulawesi

Artificial Neural Networks: State of the Art in Business Intelligence

Affordability of Small Cars Buyers with Reference to Madurai Region

Development of Entrepreneurship in ZMG: Growth Startups and Precursor of Innovation and Economic Development

Discrimination in Access to Recreation: An Associate of Hostile Attitudes Development among Christian Minority Children

Role of Access to Finance for the Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Muhoza Sector, Rwanda

An Econometric Study of the Impact Economic Growth, Human Capital and Environmental Degradation on FDI Inflows in the African Mediterranean Countries

Economic Value of the Actual Cycle Crisis-Model for New Generation of Social Media

Salesforce Control Systems as Direct Antecedents of Salesperson and Sales Unit Performance: A Literature Review

The Hypocrisy of US Anti-Trump Economists

Asian Equity Markets: A Time Series Analysis of their Co-integration

The Role of Risk Management on Financial Performance of Banking Institutions in Rwanda

The Interest Rate Algebra

An Integrated Model to Control Traffic Lights Controlling of Traffic Lights in Multiple Intersections Using Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithm

Analysis of Financial Statements for Prediction of Business Sustainability in Rwanda: A Case of Banque Populaire Du Rwanda Ltd

I S Monetary Policy Necessary for the Economic Development of Less Developed Countries with Special Reference to Pakistan

Appraising the Exchange Rate Volatility, Stock Market Performance and Aggregate Output Nexus in Nigeria

Attitudes and Skills in Business Working Settings: A HR Management Tool

The Effect of Budgetary Control on Financial Performance of Kigali Serena hotel in Rwanda

The Banality of Evil

Anti-monopoly Policy and New System of Large Corporate Groups in Germany after World War II

About Relationship between Education, Investment and Growth: Identification and Causality for 5 MENA Countries - (Algeria-Egypt- Morocco-Tunisia and Turkey)

Does Market Information Processing Improve Product Innovation Success of Small and Medium Enterprises?

Effects of Integration of Computerized System and Digital Finance Services on Profitability and Client’s Satisfaction of Umurenge Sacco Program in Rwanda: A Case Study of Sacco Kanombe (2012-2015)

Financial Performance of Initial Public Offerings: Companies listed on Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange

Crisis Management: Adopting Reputational Repair Approaches in the Organization

Discursive Dissimulation: Trivialization of the Violence and Seduction Practices in the Organizations

Big Data & Analytics: Tackling Business Challenges in Banking Industry

Efficiency in the Economics of Management and Ways to Improve it

Enhancement of Investors' Satisfaction on Industrial Zones of Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam

Expansion Strategies of a Departmental Commercial Company

Interest Rate and Private Consumption Behaviour in Nigeria: Some Empirical Evidences

The Determinants of Aggregate Demand Function of Sudan

Acedia: One Fundamental Cause of Philippine Poverty

Dynamics and Sources of Expenditure Inequality in Bhutan: Theil and Blinder Oaxaca Decomposition Analysis

Ito-Bayesian Employee Output Modelling for Corporate Financial Performance-driven motivation in Kenyan Credit Unions: Introducing the Entropy Motivation Model

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Impacts in Project Management

Hedge Funds for the Middle-Class? Needs Assessment Research of SEC Mandated Accredited Investor Regulation

Research......... . and Knowledge Transfer

Economic Rationality-based Entrepreneurial vs. Employee Orientations by Entropy, Updating and Error Rates Computing: Evidence of Kenyan Credit Unions

Enigma in Transformational Leadership-Been There Done That Syndrome vs. Black Box in Transformational Leadership: A Case from Pakistan's Public Sector

The Impact of Corporate Reputation in a Dairy Company

Factors Determining the University Counselling Services Effectiveness

Competitive Advantages of Bamboo Creative Products: Study on Saung Angklung Udjo Bandung City West Java Province, Indonesia

Do Non-Financial Factors Matter for SMEs Performance? “Case from Jordan”

Impact of Human Capital Input and Institutional Factors on Productivity of Female Staff in Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University (PNU

Effect of Diversification on Portfolio Risk Management at Rwanda Social Security Board

Growth, Challenges and Issues related to Micro, Small and MediumEnterprises (MSMEs) in Jammu and Kashmir

Reasons of Stock Exchanges Collapse in Asia: A Study from China and Pakistan

Vector Auto Regression Model of Inflation in Mongolia

Error Correction Model of Inflation in Mongolia

Performance and Persistence Tests of Islamic Market Indices

Quality Assurance for Economy Classification based on Data Mining Techniques

Profile and Marketing Strategy of SME’s Towards Jambi Batik

Relationship between Inflation and Monetary Indicators of Mongolia

Applying Anholt's National Branding Model: The Case of Kenya

Digitalized Financial Inclusion: A Cause of Development in India

Behavior of Retail Investors of Jammu and Kashmir towards Various Investment Alternatives

Living Standard of Twelve Selected Somali Regions

An Enhanced Framework for Sentiment Analysis of Students' Surveys: Arab Open University Business Program Courses Case Study

Effect of Strategic Product Development Practices on Competitiveness of Kenyan Tea in the Global Market

Effectiveness of Employees Compensation-Measured by Customer Satisfaction (Study Conducted at Private Banks of Ethiopia_Snnpr_Wolaita Sodo Branches)

Executive Unconscious-Bias and Employee Job Satisfaction in Government Parastatals in Lagos State Nigeria

The Implication of Naira Devaluation to the Nigeria’s Economic Development

Influence and Acceptance of Information and Communication Technology in Road Transportation Case Study (Mazandaran Province)

An Empirical Examination of the Determinants of Food Insecurity among Rural Farm Households: Evidence from Kindo Didaye District of Southern Ethiopia

E-commerce Adoption and Analysis of the Popular E-commerce Business Sites in Malaysia

A Suitable Business Model for Bank Branches: Combining Business Model and Malmquist Productivity Index (MPI)

Institutional Environment and Internationalization: The Case of Brazilian Agency

Does the Entrepreneurial Human Capital is Important for Organizational Performance?

Productivity Driven by Job Satisfaction, Physical Work Environment, Management Support and Job Autonomy

A Class of Multi-Attribute Auction Transformed into Single-Attribute Auction on Margin Bid

Features of Establishing Accounting Policy in Tourism Enterprises

Impact of the Bank/Company Relationship on Information Asymmetry

Relationship between Brand Equity and Corporate Governance Disclosures: A Study of Top 20 Brands in India

Determinants of Employee Turnover A Survey of Employee Intentions Trend in Urban Societies of the Region

Estimation of Per Capita Food Consumption Patterns and Related Poverty in Kabal

The Effect of Perceived Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in Private Commercial Banks of Ethiopia: The Case of Selected Private Commercial Banks at Dire Dawa Administration

Survival Strategies of Marketers in the Nigerian Banking Industry

A Conceptual Framework for the Influence of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Environmental Dynamism on Marketing Innovation Performance in SMEs

Agency Conflict, State Ownership and Disclosure Quality in China

Consumers' Perspective on Cab Services in Guwahati

Financial Literacy and Individual Financial Behavior: Evidence from Lebanon

Exploring the Economic Effects of Risk Spillovers of Foreign Exchange Rate on Money Market and Macroeconomic Variables in the Economy of Iran via DCGE Model

Consumer Ethnocentrism in 21st Century: A Review and Research Agenda

Individuals Demographic Differences and Financial Satisfaction: Evidence from Pakistan

The Impact of Venture Capital Financing on SMEs Growth and Development in Ghana

Factors Influencing the Consumption and Purchasing of Local Maize in South Sudan

Assessment of Government Internal Control Systems on Financial Reporting Quality in Ghana: A Case Study of Ghana Revenue Authority

Foreign Investment Choices and Corporate Governance Role

Assessing the Impact of NAADS Programme on Agricultural Economic Performance in Mbarara District

Effect of Corporate Income Tax Incentives on Investment in Rwanda

Systematic Risk Coefficient and Sentiment: Peculiarities of Sentiment Affected Companies in US Tourism Industry

Macroeconomic Impact on Stock Market Returns and Volatility: Evidence from Sri Lanka

Does Pecking Order Theory Apply to Firms in Brazil and the Pacific Alliance?

Effects of Interest Rate Deregulation on Agricultural Financing in Nigeria from (1970 to 2014)

The Significance of Foreign Direct Investment to the Economic Development of Sub Saharan Economies

Investigating the Effect of Oil Price and Currency Exchange Rate Changes on Outbound Tourism in OPEC Member Countries

Advancing the Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women: The Key to the Sustainable Development in Vietnam

Comparison Analysis Financial Performance of Go Public Regional Development Bank Areas with Non Go Public Regional Development Bank

Chinese SMEs in Emerging African Markets: Innovative Management and Marketing Performance

Coaching in Multi-Generational Organizations

Japan’s Society 5.0: Going Beyond Industry 4.0

Block Chain: Revolutionizing Supply Chain

A Study of the Customers Opinion about the Satisfactory Level of Various Services Provided by the Bank with the Help of Core Banking in Madurai

Are Foreign Securities a Safe Haven for a Rentier Economy: A Survey Perspective

Reforms of Administrative Procedures in Investment: A Case Study in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam

Strategic Quality Management Implementation Plan

Evolution of Micro finance as an Important Part of Global Financial System

Editoral Note on Business and Economics Journal

Working Capital Management Systems in Manufacturing Companies “A Case Study of Sierra Leone Brewery Limited"

Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Housing Price in Saudi Arabia

Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Customers Loyalty of Hai and Mawenzi National Microfinance Bank Branches in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Editorial- Business and Economics Journal

Editorial Note on Business marketing and Consumer market


Market chain analysis of sesame in Melekoza and Basketo Districts

Talk Big, take small and progressive steps. Are we ready to do, what we are supposed to ?

Development of Financial Model and Environmental Value of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) for Producing Natural Fiber Utilization into Technical Textile

Mini-Review on Optimal Capitalization and Deposit Insurance Strategies with Regard Moral Hazard

Impact of Farmer Fields Schools on Technical Efficiency of Tobacco growers: A Case Study of District Swabi Pakistan

The Role of Agricultural Extension Programs in the Development of the Agricultural Sector in Sierra Leone

Impact of Financial crisis on Economic growth in East African countries

Venture Capital Firms to Startups

Globalisation and its Impact on Indian Consumer Behaviour

A Review on Digital Transformation: A Multidisciplinary Reflection and Research Agenda

Creative Industries in Supporting Indonesia's Economic Growth in Innovation Perspective

Classification based on market capitalization

Monetary Policy, Climate Change and Financial Stability

Impact Umurenge Sacco to Financial Inclusion in Rwanda

The Relationship between Financial Integration and Stock Market Efficiency: Evidence from the Pre-And PostGlobal Financial Crisis

A Systematic Review of Knowledge Spillovers from Renewable Energy Technologies (Rets) in Cameroon

Assessment the Structural Adjustment Policies in Sudan via (VECM) Model through the period 1989-2019

Structural Breaks in the Consumption of Tobacco in Kenya.

A Critical Assessment of Poverty Reducing Employment Strategies for Africa

A Poverty Reduction Strategies: Evidence from U-Microfinance Bank

Protection Begets Protection? Role of Retaliation in Anti-Dumping Case Filing

The 4 C's of Academic Contribution: An Illustration from Marketing

The Roles of Blockchain Technology in the Financial Sector

Impact of Capital Structure on the Financial Performance of Firms: A Study of BSE Listed Selected Pharmaceutical Companies

The Dynamic Links between Public Debt, Unemployment, and Budget Deficit in the MENA Countries and Eurozone during 1990 to 2016 Fresh Evidence from Simultaneous Equation Models

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