The two-phase state of chemicals under studied and unstudied conditions

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The two-phase state of chemicals under studied and unstudied conditions

Joint Event on 3rd World Chemistry Conference & World Congress on Biotherapeutics and Bioanalytical Techniques

September 11-12, 2017 Dallas, USA

Anatoly I Vitvitskiy

FSUE RSC Applied Chemistry, Russia

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Abstract :

Statement of the Problem: The two-phase state of chemicals in the systems crystal-gas (cr-g) and liquid-gas (l-g) is characterized by the equilibrium pressure (saturated vapor pressure) ?¢???? Pp (Pa) at the temperature T (K). The results of the research are usually reference table data, as the thermodynamic concepts do not allow describing in one equation the whole investigated region of the equilibrium parameters. Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: The equilibrium parameters Pp and T, are presented in coordinates ln (PpT) ?¢???? 1/T, forms a straight logarithmic, which corresponds to the exponential dependence Pp = (PmTm/T) exp (1 ?¢???? Tm/T), where Tm is the temperature, which determines the slope of the logarithmic straight and their upper limit in the systems cr-g or l-g; Pp = Pm at T = Tm. Findings: Discovered that the heat of formation of one mole of a gaseous substance from a liquid or solid state - Q (J/ (mol K)) related to the temperature by Q = R (Tm - T) = Qm ?¢???? RT, where R = 8.314 J/ (mol?¢???¢K) is the universal gas constant; Qm = RTm. Both equations are applicable in the temperature range 0

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