Payless taxes and bank fees. Put more money in your pocket. Itand#8217;s not what you earn, itand#8217;s how much you keep that counts. What every taxpayer/ investor/entrepreneur/ person needs to know about fixing their fina

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Payless taxes and bank fees. Put more money in your pocket. It’s not what you earn, it’s how much you keep that counts. What every taxpayer/ investor/entrepreneur/ person needs to know about fixing their fina

Global Entrepreneurship & Business Management Summit

April 10-11, 2019 | Toronto, Canada

Craig Dunkerley

Blackthorn Group, Canada

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Abstract :

The presentation provides real-life stories, examples, and anecdotes of the financial challenges of most Canadians and how some simple shifts can overcome them and create positive change that not only brings more wealth but creates financial freedom. Do not expect typical financial discussions. Expect out of the box thinking and strategies that your bank will not share with you, legitimate and legal strategies to put tax dollars back in your pocket and get your money working for you. See how easy it is to put more money in your pocket and generate generational wealth. After choosing at the age of 32 to leave the corporate world and successful career behind, Craig turned his part-time accounting business into a full-time firm. As an entrepreneur since he was 12-years old, he was now ready to do it full time and share his knowledge with others, taking control of his life for himself and his family. Purchasing his first real estate rental property at 23 years old and building it into a real estate empire for himself and others, he will show you the power of duplication. Looking at the minimalist results so many were getting in their RRSPs, in 2001 he started teaching how self-directing low fee funds could keep 60 to 70% of the gains in your account as opposed to your banks’ profits. He will share this information with you. He was fortunate as a child having his father share his knowledge of money and numbers with him. He knew everything from an early age for the finances of the family and the household. As an analytic, he started to challenge many of the financial numbers and results he saw early on and built strategies to improve them. This has led to further development of strategies for financial freedom and helping people get connected with their money and creating personal wealth for them. With stories interwoven, the presentation will provide 3 strategies of how to live a financially free lifestyle.The audience will gain insights into strategies to write off almost everything they spend to generate large tax refunds, how this Ô??free moneyÔ?Ł (Money you were letting slip through your fingertips) can build wealth. How a couple of very simple changes to their investments can add 60 to 70% more to their current gains and how easy it is to take control of your money, get connected with it and make it work harder for you. ItÔ??s what you do not know thatÔ??s hurting you and with a little bit of connection, everything can change.

Biography :

Craig Dunkerley is an international #1 best-selling author and speaker. As CEO and founder of Blackthorn Group, he has made it his mission to help as many Canadians as possible become millionaires. He is a financial expert and his firm focuses on reducing taxes of people, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporations. He is a true Tax and Investment Guru and will change your mind set on how you look at expenses and teach you how to write off almost everything you spend, just like the wealthy do. Start putting large refunds in your pocket year after year. It’s how much you ‘keep’ that counts! From there he will show you how to take this free money, the money you were giving away and make it work for you, not the bank, not the government, for you.



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