Mesolift: Evidence based medicine and therapeutic protocols

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Mesolift: Evidence based medicine & therapeutic protocols

7th International confererence on Cosmetology & Beauty R&D & Expo

July 13-14, 2018 | Toronto, Canada

Elham Sadeghzadeh

Bright Beauty Clinic, Iran

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Cosmo Trichol

Abstract :

Introduction: In Mesorejunation, it is expected to achieve excellent results by considering active substances in protocols which are scheduled, based on skin type, pathology, age, phtoaging stage and lifestyle. Scientific evidence,clinical experience, patient ' s value & Expectations are the principles of EBM . In Mesolift EBM can guide physicians to this concept: WHAT IS SKIN SAYING? Normal, Dryness, Roughness, Greasy, Acne, Scar, Dermatitis, Sensitive & Melasma. It May be needs evaluation by SLEB, Skin Analyzer, Dermatoscope. Firstly, prepare the skin, treat pathology, hydration, then plan sessions of Mesorejuvenation. Methods: Review Articles, Professional Aesthetic Practic by EBM. Result: Dr. ELSA Proposes therapeutic protocols according evidance based medicine, are classified by Skin type & Pathology with explanations of treament, Supplement, Lab Test, Mesotherapy& Combination therapy. ? Normal to dry& very dry skin: Skincare, Dermoelectroporation, Epidermis & Dermis Hydration , oral consumption of Vits A.B.C.E & Do TFTest. Mesotherapy components include DMAE, Hyaloronic, D-panthenol, Silorg, SOD,Vits ABCE & spong; Combinated by Hyaloronic serum ,Ucerin cream & Cellur water spray. ? Greasy, Acnosis, Seboretic: Skincare , Microdermabrasion, AB therapy, Dezan, UVtherapy , oral consumption of Vits ABCEH & B6, Zinc& Selenium. Mesotherapy components include Salicylic,Azelaic & Mandelic acids, Zinc, Vits A, B5, H; Combinated by IPL, Clay mask & AntiBiotic, Green tea tree & Propolis extract. ? Sensitive Skin: Skincare, Electroportion, Hydration, Reduce Inflammation, oral consumption of Vits ABCE(B,E) . Mesotherapy components include H.A, D-panthenol, Vits A,C,B1,2,3,5,6, Glucyrrhetic, Chamomil, Bisabolol & Allantoin; Combinated by VitE serum, Spirulin & AloeVera extract. ? Melasma, Frecle: Skincare, Electroportion, Hydration, oral consumption of Gluthation, Minerals, Vits ABCE; Do TFTest & Sex Hormon testes. Mesotherapy components include Gluthation , NAC, SOD, Folic acid, kojic acid, Arbutin, Vits C, E, B8, H.A, D-panthenol & DAME; Combinated by PDL & Q-Switch. ? Acne Scar, Prone, Steria: Skincare, Microdermabrasion, Hydration, Reduce Inflammation; oral consumption of Q10, VitC, Collagen, Gluthation, Minerals. Mesotherapy components include Vits ABCE (B2,12), H.A, D-panthenol, DAME, Pyruvate & L-carnitin; Combinated by Microneedling, Subcision & Carboxytherapy. Mesolift - Mesoglow Active substances are categorized in 7 following groups: ? Carrier solutions: Procaine, Lidocaine, NACL, Conjonctyl ? Biostimulants: HA, Na-DNA, Collagen, Elastin, Glycolic, Retinol ? Stem cell Activator: Growth factor such IGF1, bFGF, VEFG, TGF-B1 ? Herbal Remedies: Ginkgobilloba, Centella asiatica, Spirulin ? Vitamins : ABCE, Provit5 ? Building Blocks for Protein Synthesis: Aminoacids, Co-Q10,Gluthation, Pyruvate ? Regulation of muscle tone : POM, Argireline, DMAE Autologous cell Therapy: Treatment of the dermis with cultured autologous fibroblasts can restore the population of fibroblasts that are reduced as a result of photodamage, aging, and scarring. Conclusion: Enough HA concentration, Hydration & Skin Balancing are the key roles in efectiv Mesorejuvenation, also essential for fibroblasts activation & activity in cell Therapy.

Biography :

Elham Sadeghzadeh has completed her MD at the age of 25 years from Qazvin University of Medical sciences, Iran. She is Medical Workshop Lecturer and practical training in Mesotherapy specially Dark Eye Circle for physicians who practice in Aesthetics field and Manager of Bright Beauty Clinic cosmetic procedure Skincare, Beauty and Laser. She invents new techniques for Mesotherapy of Dark Eye Circle & Enhance natural crows lips by filler injection; also presents Therapeutic Protocols in Rejuvenation Mesoteraphy based on skin pathology; Clinical Medicine Researcher in Investigation Core Skin and Stem Cell research center. She has published 9 papers in reputed journals & Congress.



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