Interfaces between transferred, CVD-grown graphene and MoS2 probed with STM and ARPES

Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering

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Interfaces between transferred, CVD-grown graphene and MoS2 probed with STM and ARPES

3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Materials Science & Engineering

October 06-08, 2014 Hilton San Antonio Airport, USA

Matthias Batzill, Horacio Coy Diaz, Jose Avila and Maria Carmen Asensio

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Abstract :

Heterostructures made of different van der Waals materials are of increasing interest because of potential applications in energy harvesting and combination of spin- and valley-tronics. However, the interface properties of these materials are not yet well characterized. One challenge for their characterization is the preparation of large-area high quality materials that enable employment of surface characterization techniques such as scanning probe microscopy and photoemission spectroscopy. Here we demonstrate the transfer of CVD-grown graphene to bulk MoS2 substrates and report the first STM and ARPES studies of such a system. As expected for weakly interacting materials STM studies only exhibit a very weak moire-superstructure and (nano) ARPES measurements show that the Dirac cone of graphene is maintained. However, (nano) ARPES also shows the formation of band-gaps in the pi-band of graphene where the out-of-plane molecular orbitals of MoS2 intersect with the electronic-states of graphene. This modification of the electronic structure of graphene in the graphene/MoS2heterostructure is contrary to expectations of simple van-der Waals stacked materials. The high quality of the samples will enable further studies of the spin state of the graphene and MoS2 substrate as well as enable preparation of other heterostructure materials and thus will give a detailed description of the interaction in these heterostructure systems.

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