Innovation, creativity, and local value-driven products: Young generation participation

Business and Economics Journal

ISSN: 2151-6219

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Innovation, creativity, and local value-driven products: Young generation participation

Global Entrepreneurship & Business Management Summit

April 10-11, 2019 | Toronto, Canada

Punnee Pimapunsri

Burapha University, Thailand

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Abstract :

This research project explores a model for increasing the value of tourism-related products and services, driven by community stakeholders and external experts using community-based design creative process. Another objective is to design and develop a value-creation innovative process and creative ideas from the young generation. The aim is to suggest a tool to create value creating products presenting the Thai identity in each community. Communities in Burirum and Krabi provinces in Thailand were selected for the dedicated team consisting of community members, young entrepreneur, young designers, and professional designers to conduct experimental research. Community Asset Boards (CAB) were used in the creative workshops aimed to develop value creation prototypes of products and brands that are ready for the commercialized process. One of the prototype products have been put into the commercialized process and launched as POUKA brand by the designer of Voraraj Bangkok Brand. The research outcome indicated that the stakeholders should work together to create the shared value between the insiders (community members) and the outsiders (young entrepreneur, young designers, and professional designers). However, these stakeholders could work independently as they had their own goals and interests. Communitybased design approach allows these products to perfectly present the communityÔ??s identity since the designers understood the context shared by the community. That makes the designed products to authentically represent the value and sense of the community.

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